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Patti Sees Angels Protecting the Message of Communion With God

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From Patti Virkler - I was waiting in the car for Mark to send a FedEx package, so I decided to look for any angels hanging around. I didn’t particularly sense anything so  I looked toward Mark in the store. I could see his angel just behind him and looked around to try to see if he had a second angel. After all, Charity, Rebekah and I all have two angels – so why would Mark only have one?

As I am thinking this, I felt like Mark’s angel looked over his shoulder to answer me. “I am just the Captain. It has always taken more than two angels to take care of him. The enemy worked hard to kill him when he was a child, and now it takes a company to protect the message.”

Mark's Comment - I am aware of four or five times in my childhood where I was within moments of death because of the predicaments I had gotten myself into. In addition there have been a number of near car accidents. Yes, the Lord of Hosts and His angelic hosts have certainly been protecting me!

And now I believe they continue to watch over not only me but each one who is carrying and living out the message of Communion With God, as this is a precious message to His heart. Let's go forth in faith, as a mighty army, knowing there is a vast company of angels going with us as we spread communion with God to all who are thirsty!


  1. Look for the angels who are protecting you and your family. Become acquainted. They are God's messangers to you to grant wisdom, protection and strength. You use the same four keys we use for hearing God's voice (stillness, vision, spontanity, journaling - Rev. 1:9-11) and you are asking a specific question, "Lord, would You please introduce me to my guardian angels?" 
  2. Invest in the amazing resources: Everyday Angels. We have received many powerful testimonies on how this training has brought believers into encounters with their guardian angels. You will see why. The book is available here and an electronic training module is available here. Your testimony can be next! 



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