When I remain in Jesus, His River flows and Heals Others

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I quiet myself: “I am here, Lord. I watch for You. I listen for Your voice. Where You lead, I will follow. You are my daily bread.”

My Lord speaks: “Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word I speak. My words are life – nourishment for the body, spirit and soul.”

I respond: “I am learning how to remain in You, how to keep my eyes fixed on You, how to live out of Your flow. I feel so close to You, Lord. I adore You. My life is Yours. Have your way.”

I am reminded of the time recently when I danced with Jesus during worship. As I danced, I was interceding, and agreeing with what He was doing. I was reaching into Jesus, pulling out of Him, and throwing Him on people, declaring freedom, agreeing with what He was doing. During worship, I laid hands on a young woman who the Lord highlighted to me. She later shared publicly the Lord delivered her from a lifelong struggle with addiction that very night.

“I agree with what You are doing, Lord. I say ‘yes.’ ”

“Everyone has a call, a purpose, a plan, a future that I created for them to walk in.”

I am standing next to Jesus, my right hand in His. His River of life and love flows out of my belly. My eyes are fixed on Him. His eyes are fixed on me. We are smiling. Being with my Savior is effortless. The River – His River – flows out of our fellowship.

“What do You want to speak to me today, Lord? What do You want to show me?”

“Remain in Me and My River of living water will never cease, rather it will grow and expand and overtake. In My River of life there is healing. People are coming. They are lining up with empty bowls expecting a meal, a portion, but from our fellowship, through you, I will give them a River. They will never thirst, they will never hunger again.”

I see people lining up with empty bowls on both sides of the River. They are looking at the River, and then they begin to turn toward Jesus and me.

“Keep your eyes on Me. Keep your hand in mine that My River will never cease to flow through you.”

With my eyes still on Jesus, I raise my left hand and His River splashes up and baptizes everyone lined up on the edge. Their bowls are full. They dump the water on their heads and on each other. They start entering the River, laughing and playing, splashing one another. They had been downcast, sad and almost lifeless when they lined up, looking at the River. But they carried empty bowls. They were thirsty. They were hungry. They expected a meal. Now they are laughing and playing in His River of living water. Some are diving in, swimming or floating. I look at Jesus. Tears of joy stream down His face.

My Lord speaks: “I am wiping tears away. I am cleansing. I am healing. I am setting people free. This is your calling, Tara. This is what I created you to do. I need to work through you. Out of our fellowship, My raging River of life and love will save, heal, transform and deliver many.”

“I am Yours, Lord. My life is Yours. Have your way in me, Jesus. I am yielded to You.”

Today I will keep my hand in Jesus’ and watch His River flow. I am alive. His Lifeforce pulses through my veins.


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The River

Can the River always be restored if it's lost? Thanks.

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Response to "The River"

Hello. The River is never lost. The River is the Holy Spirit. The River always flows, even when we break fellowship with Him. Come to Jesus. Come to the One who loves you. Allow Him to restore you to fellowship with Him. Put your hand in His and His River will flow. Have you read all of my blog entries? If not, I hope you will do so. Start at the beginning. They show a progression of what the Lord wants to do for you. Receive of Him and His love, and His Holy Spirit – His River, will flow and bring healing, restoration and redemption to you. Mountains of ungodly beliefs can hinder the flow of the Holy Spirit in our lives. If there are mountains in your life that are hindering His flow, continue to fellowship with Jesus and receive His love. As you receive His love and His truth, the power of His Holy Spirit will expose the mountains, and wash them away supernaturally as you continue to yield and surrender to the Lord's love. Have you done the Virkler's 10 week study, “The 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice”? That study changed my life. I cannot recommend it enough. Press into the Lord. He will never leave you nor forsake you. He has more in store for you than you could ever think or imagine. Receive. Receive. Receive. Stay connected to the vine to receive every good and perfect thing He has for you. Press into Him and receive.

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God bless you.

Thank you for your wonderful encouragement. I am listening to Mr. Virkler's "Counseled by God" CD's and reading his book. I will read your past entries for edification. God bless you.

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Response to "God bless you."

My pleasure. That's awesome! God bless you abundantly! - Tara

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Hi Tara, I just read your blog dated 7/25. My heart rejoiced, then wept, for Jesus often speaks to me as he did to. I don't see him as often in a lengthy "moving" vision, but I've seen him in shorter ones. Oh, I identify so much with what He said to you; He's called me to speak His works and do His works to those around me. In fact, yesterday, a colleague mentioned her sister was ill and the frustration of not knowing how to help. I wanted to say, "Allow me to pray for her. I believe on Jesus and He will heal her." I did not say this because we were in a
business meeting and I thought, "What if I offend her?" Your sense? Maybe I'll ask the Lord too! Thanks!
George in Seattle

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Response to "Journaling"


Hi George. That's wonderful that you hear the Lord's voice and sense His promptings in your spirit. Have you done the Virkler's 10 week study, “The 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice”? That study changed my life. I cannot recommend it enough. With respect to your specific question, most importantly, continue to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Pray about your colleague and her sister to get the Lord's heart on the matter. (My favorite way to pray is through prophetic intercession. I follow the steps Mark Virkler teaches in his 10 week study. The Lord can then give me His heart on the matter, and He can also realign my perspective as needed.) When you have the Lord's heart and perspective, you can ask Him, “What is it you would like me to share with my colleague, Lord?” When the Lord gives me something specific such as a picture, a scripture, or a word of encouragement to share with someone, they are very blessed. Because you work with this individual, if the Lord gives you something to share with her, perhaps you can ask her if she has a few minutes to speak with you after work or on a lunch break. Then you can get an update from her, and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit about whether it is a good time to share with her. I would say something like, “I was so sorry to hear what you and your family are going through. I've been carrying your family in my heart. I prayed about what you told me and I sensed the Lord wanted me to share a word of encouragement with you, if that is OK?“ I pray you hear His voice and share His love! Keep me posted!