This Dream Set Me Free! by Elizabeth Kiessling

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I love hearing testimonies of God speaking to His children through their dreams and night visions. And Elizabeth Kiessling's story is one more awesome example! I'll let her share the powerful experience in her own words...

"I had a very encouraging dream about my that really set me free. My son is 19 and not really pursuing the Lord ardently. He received Jesus young and even spoke in tongues but seemed to cool off in his teens and as he went to college.

"We had numerous bad trials that really rocked us, and perhaps him as well. I don't know. Our hearts have been towards him and pray for Jesus to encounter him, touch his heart, wake him up again. He has friends that are not following the Lord, drinking and smoking every weekend.

"So, here is the exciting part: One night I had a dream. I saw a long dining table, my daughter was sitting there talking to another young lady, and my son was at the other end with his head down on his arms asleep.

"All of a sudden Jesus came in. I saw Him, He was dressed in a long beautiful blue tunic with pants underneath. Gold embroidery surrounded the sleeves and the front up around his neck. He had a very large beautiful crown on His head. He walked up to my son, bent over and began to gently shake his arm as if to wake him up!!!!!

"Hallelujah!!! Yahoo!!!! Praise the Lamb!!! I just thank Him every day for encouraging me where my son is concerned and know that Jesus has this...I don't worry anymore...YA God!!"

May this encourage all parents with wayward children,

Elizabeth Kiessling


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God bless you as you seek His messages to you through your dreams!



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It is awesome how God gives us rhema words to agree with. Added to his logos words that he came that all men might be saved for example; and that he came to reconciled all things to himself. Together, the rhema words, God's general will and faith is a mighty sword. Keep observing the words God gave you. Praise him and celebrate what he is doing until you see that faithful day. Hallelujah! Your son is saved.