Drugs, Nutrition and the Lord

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My first choice is always prayer and nutrition. I believe that if you give your body the right tools to work with, it has been designed by God to heal itself. The right tools include great nutrition. I also believe that, in a crisis situation, pharmaceuticals can be a good stopgap measure.

Throughout my cardiac event, I was overwhelmed by the love, care and skill of everyone I met. It began with the paramedics who took me to the hospital, then the emergency room personnel, the surgeon and his staff, and finally the nurses who cared for me. Their greeting of “Hello, Friend” brought tears to my eyes. I believe this is the first time I have ever encountered such a greeting.

They sent me home from my five-bypass surgery with seven medications. Patti and I agreed that I should take take them for at least the next couple of months and then see where we go from there. The seven medications did list 97 harmful side effects and I was consciously aware of experiencing eight of them.

I tested each medication on our Qest4 unit which reads the electromagnetic signature of whatever is put on the test plate and then compares it to the simultaneous electromagnetic signature of your body. If your body wants it, you get a green light, and if damaging to your body, you get a yellow light. Each of the seven medications registered green, so it was clearly telling me I need these!

We asked our chiropractor if he could recommend an MD who leaned toward natural remedies. He recommended Dr. Jose Fernandez whom I am just beginning to meet with. So I will come back to this blog at the end of each month for three months and add updates as to where things are at with the medication/nutritional connection (Located at end of this blog).

The information below contains specific recommendations from The Great Cholesterol Myth.

Tests you should ask your doctor for to determine risk of a heart attack

  1. Heart calcium CT scan, also known as a coronary artery calcium score. Generally costs $49 to $99. Some locations you need a prescription from your doctor, some places you don't. It's just like a once a decade test and radiation exposure is low.
  2. Particle Size Test - Pattern B profile to discover if most of your LDL cholesterol is composed of the small, dense, particles that cause inflammation and ultimately plaque.
  3. NMR LipoProfile - Measures size of LDL particles by measuring their magnetic properties.
  4. C - Reactive Protein - high sensitivity CRP test is a marker for inflammation that is directly associated with overall heart and cardiovascular health. 
  5. Fibrinogen - Normal levels are between 200 and 400 mg/dL.

Nutrition which can strengthen the heart

  1. If you are on a statin drug, you must supplement with CoQ10. At least 100 mg twice a day is recommended. Statins deplete CoQ10. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant, inhibiting oxidative damage to LDL. It is a kind of “energy fuel” for the heart.
  2. Supplements such as nattokinase can work well to “thin” the blood and prevent unwanted clotting. Adding omega-3 fatty acids to your diet may also help.
  3. Serum Ferritin - Iron levels in the body are cumulative (stored in the muscles and other tissues), and unless iron is lost through menstruation or by donating blood, over the years, toxic levels can build up in the system. People who donate blood have a much lower risk of heart disease. Levels less than 80 mg/L for women and less than 90 mg/L for men are healthy.
  4. Homocysteine - Give the body the three main nutrients it needs to metabolize homocysteine back into harmless compounds. The three nutrients are folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin B6. All it takes is about 400 to 800 mcg of folic acid, 400 to 1,000 mcg of B12, and 5 to 20 mg of B6. Optimal homocysteine level is between 7 and 9 μmol/L.
  5. Interleukin–6 – maintain between 0.0 to 12.0 pg/mL.

Eliminate these foods: Sugar, soda, processed carbs, trans fats, processed meats, cereals, pasta, bread, minute rice. Avoid trans fats - if the list of ingredients contains partially hydrogenated oil or hydrogenated oil, the product has trans fats.

Eat more of these foods: Wild salmon, berries and cherries, grass-fed meat, fruits, vegetables, beans, dark chocolate, garlic and turmeric, pomegranate juice, green tea, red wine, extra-virgin olive oil, legumes and nuts, which all have a low glycemic index. The entire vegetable kingdom is loaded with natural anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and flavonoids that are good for your heart.

Make these lifestyle changes to reduce stress: Exercise at least thirty minutes a day. Meditate or practice deep breathing, express your emotions, commune with God, play, cultivate intimacy and pleasure, and most of all … enjoy your life!


Mark, the stressors of anger, fear, anxiety and bitterness have been largely weakened over your lifetime. Now is the time to put these totally behind you and replace them with love, care, joy, peace and forgiveness. Now is the time to finish the job.

Do not trust in exercise, nutrition or doctors, but trust in My power to work through each of these. All trust is to be placed in Me.

In reviewing your life: For 25 years you searched for My voice. For the next 42, you shared My voice. In your golden 25 years, you are to focus on celebrating that I have already won the victory.  

Healing Prayers: Take God's Healing Medicine Three Times a Day and Healing Scriptures for Confession

Update 1 - My first meeting with Dr. Jose Fernandez

 Seven weeks after my heart attack, I met with Dr. Jose Fernandez, my new general practitioner, a “Functional Medicine MD.” It took seven weeks to meet with him as I didn’t have a GP before this and he was quite backed up.

I liked him. He was a “cut to the chase” guy. He was OK with my research on possible alternatives to the last three drugs I was on (research which I did on www.GreenMedInfo.org), and said in theory these natural alternatives should work (Natural Ways to Help Afib or Blood Thinners or Problems Sleeping After Surgery but until we get things stabilized in my body, it is wisest to stay on the drugs. If he takes me off them, in the unstable condition I am in and I die, he can easily be sued. 

It was clear that I was very unstable as shown by one of the blood tests he had ordered, which was a C- Reactive Protein test (first time I ever had this test). This test measures inflammation in the body. The test range is 1-12. Any number above 3 is high risk for a cardiac event. My number was 11!!!

Dr. Fernandez said the heart attack I had was the fruit on the tree. The high inflammation in my body was the branch to this fruit. Now we need to discover what the root of this inflammation was, so he ordered food sensitivity tests and put me on low dose Naltrexone to reduce the inflammation, and coupled it with the instructions to be on a strict gluten-free and dairy-free diet and come back in 4-6 weeks. Check out this amazing Mercola article: Low Dose Naltrexone and Dietary Changes for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases.

Personally I was shocked to have so much inflammation in my body since I believed I live clean, eat clean and exercise regularly. Therefore I agreed with all the wise counsel from Dr. Jose Fernandez. We needed to discover why the inflammation was there, and remove the root cause so my health could be restored!

How to discover a “Functional Doctor” near you

Two things I have added into my daily routine:

  1. Mornings  - This 14 minute healing prayer with music in the background.
  2. Evenings - 20 minutes of worship and singing in tongues with my autoharp.

Cardiac Event Series

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  15. For Heaven’s Sake, Celebrate!

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One of the biggest contributors to inflammation is eating foods that you have a sensitivity to or reaction to and do not digest. Each person must determine for her/himself what these foods are and some "healthy" foods may not be healthy for you. One of the best tests to determine what your reactive foods are is the Wheat Zoomer test and other related Zoomer tests. Dr. Tom O'Bryan is an excellent resource to learn about the Zoomer tests. I have no financial interest in these tests and mention them purely to help others heal.

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Dear Dr. Mark, thank you for your e-mail, sharing such valuable and needed information.   Thank you for reaching out with kind and encouraging words to us all.  Thank you also for the update, of how the Lord is working  and blessing you, and the way He is making you a blessing to others.   Praise the Lord!

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