Muslims Receiving Christ by Hearing the Voice of God

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Picture of Pauline BurthwickThis Report is From: Pauline Burthwick – a Certified CWG Facilitator

The greatest fruit we have seen in our ministry in Africa is from teaching how to hear God’s voice because the pastors are being transformed and as they hear God and obey they are bearing much fruit. Just since we have left there one Pastor in Uganda will be baptizing 8 Muslims who have converted due to his ministry of inviting them into his home and our equipping with materials on winning Muslims to Christ.  He even teaches them the four keys to hearing God's voice and God speaks to them and they desire salvation. The other thing we see is that many people are delivered from bondages as they confess sins and repent of witchcraft and unforgiveness as well as many other things.  This often leads to physical healings as well.

Can this be a new means to win Muslims to Christ? Teach them to hear God's voice?  So amazing!

One of the Pastors in Uganda that I am connected to, Pastor John (names changed), is inviting Muslims into his home – he also has a school for 200 orphans (have lost one or more parents – most to AIDS – most living with guardians – aunts or uncles, etc.).  90% of them are Muslim.  He has been teaching the guardians to hear God’s voice – and God has been speaking to them – 8 of them have received Christ.  Some of these were staunch Muslims who were against him at the beginning.  This pastor recently moved his school to some land where he will also build a church.  The school needed to be constructed.  He prayed a prayer for deliverance of the land that our ministry had sent him and when I was there we walked the land and prayed.  After that, the Muslims (some who live around and also some who are associated with the school as guardians) came to him and said the Voice told them to dig a well, the Voice told them to bring poles to construct the school, the Voice told them to dig the pit latrine – AND so God is building the School and the church.  [Actually this is the third church that I have testimony of was built this way – by God speaking to the people to bring different things that were needed]

In the case of the testimony below, I had just sent the DVD’s (in the past he only had the CD’s and also he goes around speaking and teaching the four keys to Hearing God’s Voice) so he had invited several people over to his home to watch the DVD’s. 

Yesterday he had people in his home watching the DVD’s. One of them was a strong Muslim named Jim (all names changed) – you can see more about this below.  John called after the meeting and reported that Jim accepted Christ – people at the meeting thought he was joking when he asked to pray for salvation, but he called later and said he was very serious and wants to learn everything he can about Christianity – would like to go with him wherever he goes to minister so that he can learn.  They went to see his father and the father said, “If God has talked to him, who am I to object.”  Praise the Lord for that favor.    Please continue to lift him up and the work among the Muslims. .

If you would like to support Pauline Burthwick, a Certified CWG Facilitator, as she travels to Africa, here is her website or you may contact her directly.  She is doing a wonderful work, and I encourage you to pray about any way the Lord would have you strengthen her hands.  Thank you, Pauline!