TO THE BATTLE THEN! He’s always bringing the battle to you, now it’s time you took it back to him.

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God did you say last night that if I tackle him consciously then I’ll fare much better in the battle?



This sort of thinking is not too dangerous? 

Less dangerous.

So when negative thoughts come you want me to be very aware of his presence, see him, and tell him to bug off?

Yes. That’s a much more effective way to progress through life than pretending that he either doesn’t exist or that he’s not that close. Pretending that there’s not really a demon in the room doesn’t help. He’s there. He’s here. See him, tell him to step right back. They are the unknown, but they don’t have to be. You can know that they are there, sense them, see them, tackle them.

God is this conversation getting a bit dangerous maybe?

Walking through a battle field with your eyes closed is more dangerous Mark.

Then how come us Christians don’t normally talk like this God?

Some do. And if you read you’ll discover that.

So God am I focusing too much on demons now?

Not enough. You need to be aware of them. They exist and they want to destroy you. It’s them against you. That’s their entire focus, your destruction. That’s how important creation is, they know that the entire focus of creation is you humans. They know that my whole intention for creation is to give you fantastic lives of creation and increase and enjoyment. And Mark all of that was designed to happen as a result of conversations with me. (Acts 17:26-30)

So you really want me to picture him?

I want you to see him.

God are you sure this is you?

This is me.

You mean physically see him, like picture what he looks like and where he is in the room?

Yes you’ll do that more and more.

What about angels?

Them too. See them sitting and standing there and there? That’s comforting isn’t it?

Yes it is. Can I ask them to deal with the demons?

You can.

Ok so when I think a negative thought you want me to recognise that it’s him, see him, and tackle him mentally, either out loud or in my mind, and push him back? Ask the angels to get stuck into him? You want me to recognise what’s going on? That this isn’t a battle of evil between him and you - he’s already lost that battle. You want me to see this is a real battle between him and me and that he’s standing right here, right now? You want me to eye ball him? Instead of defend against him, you want me to attack him?




But God you said there were billions of them?

There are.

So what’s this ‘him’ business?

A euphemism Mark. It’s much easier for most humans to accept and live with ‘him’ than ‘them’. They’re everywhere if you really want to know. Influencing absolutely everything. And I am standing watching waiting, not allowing them to pass certain boundaries. And there are angels on guard and keeping the demons from moving past certain limits.

What are you waiting for?

For you humans to stand up and take authority.

How do we do that?

Not in the normal prescribed, and noisy Christian sort of way.

How then?

You’re going to need to ask me each time you face him. You’re fighting an enemy far stronger than you. You can only be stronger than them if you ask me for the specific steps in each new battle. Are you serious enough to take the time? Or do you just want to trot out the standard prayers and rebukes? They’d prefer you took that tack, it makes you far easier to defeat.

Do you want to explain a bit more?

Take each thought, one by one as they come, and taking a firm hold of that thought, bring it and discuss it with me. Make each thought obey the rule that it must be discussed with me. Take each loose thought…

What do you mean by loose? Do you mean lewd?

No not at all, it might turn out to be that, just as it might be anger, greed, jealousy and all the rest – or it might turn out to be love, hope, joy, belief, faith, good intent.

Well what do you mean loose thought then?

I mean thoughts are loose, not grounded, able to wander about. Most of them have come from them, if the thought was not thought consciously and purposely by you, then there’s a strong chance it has wafted in from them. I am speaking more words than they can ever speak, but you are not as tuned to my voice as you are to his. So, because you don’t know the source of a thought until you take hold of it, take hold of it!

And having taken hold of it, discuss it with me. Turn the thought over this way and that, examine it, discuss it with me. And if it becomes apparent that the source is evil, look to see if the source is lingering about, and if so ask me what to say, and then speak your mind to it, deal with it, discipline it. Make it afraid of you.

God is this like that ‘taking every thought captive verse’? I’ve never understood that, well I guess I’ve never really liked it because it seems to focus on us having bad thoughts and suddenly having to be super disciplined and pure. It always leaves me feeling guilty and bad for all my thoughts and thinking that somehow, (I don’t know how
L), I need to wrestle them to the ground and from then on think perfect thoughts which somehow seems impossible.

It is impossible. Don’t worry, that’s just his lie. He twists my words and turns them into sources of guilt and rules that drive you to be ever and ever more perfect. He whispers that’s the only way to please me. He tells you I am angry. But the truth is that if you do the thing I wait for – stand up, and grab hold of and discuss every thought, then you will see that I am not angry. I am not angry, but rather very pleased to see you and talk with you.

So God about today. You can see the nonsense he tells me about me losing my touch.

Mark he tells that lie to many. The truth is that you are just regaining your touch. You are dangerous and getting more dangerous. Stick with that.

Ok, do you want me to do that job I planned to do at the office?

Mark it’s a good start, but there’s much more to this than that.

How do you mean?

I mean you are going to get better and better. Just listen. Just watch for what I’m saying in EVERY situation. Keep your mind tuned to hear what I am saying in every discussion. And learn to watch for what he is saying and tackle him. And listen to me, it’s a fantastic new day that you’re entering into.

Do you mean actually today, or figuratively?

I mean both. Keep coming back to me and I’ll explain how this is done. There are many lessons of war for you to learn, but you’re getting good at it.

Ok, but what about the problem I’m working on at work?

That too. Tell him silence!

Satan sush. Enough! SILENCE!!

Good Mark. Did you see how things immediately cleared in your mind when you said that?


Madness can’t do that Mark. If you ever think pursuing this conversation with me is a bit crazy, it’s  not - madness cannot tell madness to go. When a human is directed by me to tell the enemy to stand back, the enemy has no option than to stand back.  I have already conquered him- he will seldom ever attempt to fight me personally again.

   Now he fights you instead. It’s time you pushed him back and taught him a lesson or two. We, the three of us, and so many who have gone before you want to see that happen, we are going to enjoy watching that. So to battle then Mark. It’s time.

And Mark this nonsense that he can’t read your thoughts is just that, complete nonsense. It’s a doctrine invented by men who seldom battled at the level they needed to. It’s not biblical, but it IS dangerous. Clever propaganda. It’s like telling a soldier that the enemy cannot see where he is, when in fact the enemy has sophisticated satellites and GPS and radar systems and knows EXACTLY where he is. That soldier will die if he believes that lie. Mark you can read your enemy’s thoughts, the ones that he thinks into your mind - how much more then is he able to read yours? Your mind is where he fights you.



The Freedom Diaries will stretch you. It describes Mark’s real life struggle with Doubt as he discovered that he could hear God’s voice every day.Dr Mark Virkler. Author of 4 Keys to hearing God’s Voice. Buffalo. New York.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was delighted to discover how simple yet wonderful it is to place my hand into the hand of God and listen to his whispers and enjoy his affection.  I could only ask why no one had ever told me he was this good and this close.  I wish I had read this book a long, long time ago.  Daniel Walker. Founder and Executive Director of Nvader. Author of God in a brothel.

This is new and exciting. It’s not the idea of hearing from God that’s new, it’s having conversations back and forth, question and answers. That’s new for most of us. Now I am enjoying my own conversations with God, which always leave me with hope. David Garratt of Scripture in Song. Hawaii.

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IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE THINKING IT'S YOUR OWN IMAGINATION WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GOD - read the 'Practical Tips' section. How to have your own conversation with God in The Freedom Diaries 


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