Hearing God and Set Free - A Pastor Shares

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If you desire to hear God more clearly, or remove some besetting sin, then let the testimonies below encourage you.

How to Hear God - Pastor Sean Peterson

I was frustrated and asking GOD to help me hear HIM better and that's when I saw Dr. Mark Virkler on the Sid Roth Show and knew I had to get his teaching on How To Hear GOD. I have ministered to thousands of people for over 10 years including Navy Seals, Youth, Business Owners, Veterans, Homeless, Bikers and Seniors to name a few. You would think that I would be able to hear GOD all the time, but it was often my thinking or hit or miss at best. You would think as a Pastor I would be able to hear GOD all the time and that just wasn't the case.

I began praying the way Dr. Mark taught in How to Hear GOD and from that time forward I am hearing GOD and having success in my prayer time. This is the best teaching on hearing GOD I have come across in 10 plus years of research and study. Thank you, Dr. Mark, for teaching it!  

Prayers that Heal the Heart

After following How to Hear GOD, I knew I needed Prayers that Heal the Heart. As I began to listen to the teaching and do the 7 prayers I felt myself saying, "I've prayed about these things already and nothing really happened before. This is a waste of time; why am I even doing this?" I knew in my heart I needed to follow through and do all the 7 prayers and that the enemy was behind this negative attitude.

Thank you, GOD, I did continue because when I finished I felt something(s) lift from me and a joy of the LORD fill me. Wow, it worked and I knew in my heart I needed to do several more areas and I did and many times I felt something(s) leave and a joy fill me.

I have prayed for years that many of these areas be lifted and removed from me but no complete breakthrough has happened until now. Funny thing is, I am a Pastor and you would think that demons couldn't do that, but they did. Thank you, LORD, and Dr. Virkler for creating this teaching and for the miracles that are happening in my life and others who are using Prayers that Heal the Heart.

Sean Peterson

Plains, Montana


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