Multiplication In Africa as Students Teach Others to Hear God's Voice!

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Christian Leadership University and Seminary have had over 300 mission students in developing nations pursuing their studies with free books sent to them through the internet. Many of them continue to actively complete courses towards their Bachelor degree.

One of the other populations that we reach with our free mission courses is the inmates of prisons in Namibia, Africa. They do not have access to the internet and we ship, at our expense, the books needed for them to complete a Bachelor’s degree. We have had students in the Windhoek Maximum, Medium, and Rehab Units for most of the years we have offered courses. These courses are sent to them in our ‘free to them’ mission program through Christian Leadership Seminary. At present we have over 50 prisoners that have taken at least 8 courses and 30 that have proceeded more than halfway. Some have been faithful and conscientious and have completed the Bachelor degree.

We have received some wonderful news from two of those students and we would like to share their testimonies with you below.

Mangaliso Peter at Windhoek Central Prison, Namibia:

“I completed my CLS Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies in March 2009. What I learned from your wonderful courses I am now teaching my fellow inmates, so that they can also grow spiritually. It helps me also a lot to remain in the Lord…these 16 inmates have successfully completed the course, "4 Keys to Hear God’s Voice"…I will still teach them more from your courses.”

Pastor M.M. Kambonde at Maximum Prison Windhoek, Namibia:

“I am your graduated student of 2008 with Bachelor’s degree. I am still continuing teaching my fellow inmates from the anointed books of Mark and Patti Virkler here in the prison of Africa. God is so good. I’m currently busy…while I am teaching what I had incubated from CLU. Here are the names of the 13 students who finished the CLS course I taught called, "Naturally Supernatural".

CLU/CLS continues to place the anointed words of God through two-way dialogue out to those who would otherwise not hear. You can seed into this ministry financially and help us reach prisoners by contributing online here.

CLU Is Impacting Pastors in Uganda - by Pastor Isaac Peter Oyako

Before I came in contact with the Communion With God course, I had been serving the Lord full time, close to 20 years, as an itinerant Bible teacher and a pastor. I traveled to many countries including Haiti in the Caribbean, UK and all the East African Countries teaching from the Bible. In my own country Uganda, I am regarded as a good Bible teacher and anointed minister of the gospel. Not only do I get invitations from my own local church, Faith Mission of Uganda, to minister but across the spectrum of evangelicals including Anglican, Baptist and Pentecostal churches.

Course Unit REN103 (Communion with God) is probably the most practical and beneficial of all the studies I have ever undertaken in life. I have been a made a true disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. I am constantly practicing to expect spontaneous thoughts, dreams and visions.   It was not easy getting a breakthrough to the point of thoughts flowing freely at the same time be recording as they flow.

At first it was real fun discussing the journal with my wife, whom I had just appointed as one of my counselors. But when I saw a couple of fulfillments in my journal, I knew I had hit a jackpot and begun reading my journal over and over and mediating it. As did that, my life begun changing; strong sense of hope took over the despondent spirit that was fast developing in me. I began to experience peace and joy based on faith on the promises in my journal.  My journal is always subject to scrutiny by my wife and by the overseer of our church.

I set up a permanent meeting place with the Lord in my uncompleted garage building from 5:00 am every day.  I go there every day armed with a journal, Bible and a pen.   My prayer style has changed from the aggressive, demon-confronting warfare; typical of Pentecostals, to a more focus and answer oriented dialogue. I use the four keys of communing with God during my morning devotions, the results are fantastic. I opened my Spiritual senses as suggested in the teachings (The eye and the ear of the Spirit, inner emotion, inner mind and inner will), and I begun to interact with the Holy Spirit. These took a couple of weeks.

Prior to the CLU study, I did pray, yes but it was simply a monologues formality and analytical Bible study of a text in the bible and analyzed its context ,background set up and  through asking question such  as, who? Why?  when? and How?. The time was also mechanically set up. I felt a lot of guilt whenever I failed to meet this obligation. I have missed a couple of days without communing with the Lord some times because of too much sleep, but I have never felt the guilt. When I am caught up, just say good morning Holy Spirit, I am fine, thank you for today. We are together and you are welcome to lead.

I have begun teaching the same principles and people were greatly blessed when I started a teaching series of the four keys based Habakkuk chapter 2:1-2. I believe this teaching is the real heartbeat of God especially for the leaders. But I expect a challenge from people who may not quite readily grasp it.  I am asking for wisdom in handling the new mystery.

What is amazing is that the information in my journal has brought back peace, the joy of the Lord, confidence and excitement in my life. My relationships have greatly improved. Ever since I asked my wife to be one of my counselors, there is marked and tangible improvement in our relationship and fellowship. For the first time over many years we have felt that we have a complimentary partnership in the work of ministry.

You can seed into this ministry financially and help us train leaders in developing nations by contributing online here.

Thank you for partnering with us to spread the message of intimacy with Jesus to the least of these!