Be Immersed in the Holy Spirit DAILY! Experience the River of The Holy Spirit

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"I was moved to tears. I sensed His presence in a new and fresh way." Pastor Keith Carlisle

Experience our new “River of Life” 12-minute devotional. It contains beautiful soaking music with a voice-over description of the River of the Holy Spirit flowing toward you and filling the room you are in. It is an amazing experience that often leaves me shaking as the power of the Holy Spirit sweeps over me, flooding my entire being with His healing power.

I have found it is a great introduction to my morning devotions, plus I also put it on as I am drifting off to sleep at night. What a way to begin both night and day!

Prayerfully read and imagine these passages to prepare the eyes of your heart to see this reality: Ezek. 47:1-12; Rev. 22: 1,2. See yourself as in the upper room, Acts 2:1-4, being immersed in the Holy Spirit. As you see this, and enter deeply into it, the Holy Spirit can and will bring  transformation and healing.  

Feel the power of the Holy Spirit surge through you as you gaze intently at the River of Life flowing from the throne of God and covering you completely. 

River of Life & New Creation Celebration MP3 Download Set or CD Set now available, as well as the accompanying book Unleashing Healing Power Through Spirit-Born Emotions!

Click below for this free streaming, musical, audio Holy Spirit encounter

The music is by Daniel Kleefeld. He has several other recordings available on iTunes and on his website,

Try it for a week, and experience its transforming impact. Then continue using it as part of your devotional experiences.

Forward this weblink to your friends so they can experience immersion in the Holy Spirit, divine healing and transformation. "Lord, who do I know that You would like me to share this with?"

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Spirit's touch: "Loved the youtube devotional!!! During the devotional I just relaxed and enjoyed. I felt the Spirit touch my entire body with tingles from head to toe. The water coming up and over was wonderful. Excellent! It will be a blessing to so many!" - Shirley

Healing: What a blessing this devotional has been to me. The "River of Life" has brought healing to me physically. It is gradual but I crave that healing flow of the water of the Holy Spirit. I listened to it twice during the early hours of this morning. The "New Creation Celebration" has brought an encounter with the Lord every time I have listened to it. Revelation has come to me through the whole session. God is using it to heal me. Judith Johnson

Tool to guide: "I really do like this. It’s a great tool to guide me into the flow of Holy Spirit. The music is wonderful." 

Please email your testimony of healing and transformation to [email protected], so we can inspire others with the touch from God that you receive!