Deliverance from Demons Through a "Revelation-Based Power Encounter"

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Question: Should I use a "power encounter" to cast out a demon (i.e. command it to leave in Jesus' name), or should I use a revelation-based approach (the light of God expanding within a growing Christian which simply pushes darkness out), or should I use both?

Answer: Immersing a "power encounter" within "revelation-based prayer ministry" appears to  be most effective!

This method involves the casting out of demons using the power of Jesus’ name (i.e., a “power encounter”), which occurs AFTER you have received revelation from God concerning legal rights the demons have to be present, and have removed these legal rights through the use of the first six prayers discussed in the Prayers That Heal the Heart training materials. Taken together, these six prayers comprise a series of “revelation-based truth encounters” which allow a stream of light to flow into you and remove the anchors the demons are attached to. With the anchors removed, the demons can be cast out quite easily. After the deliverance prayer, you must fill your heart with fresh revelation knowledge given by the Holy Spirit. This is accomplished by completing a Bible meditation (Josh 1:8) on the relevant topic. For example, if anger and hatred were cast out, then the Bible meditation would be on filling your heart with the opposite of anger and hatred, which is love, mercy and forgiveness.

You will note that the power encounter is sandwiched between two revelation-based truth encounters, plus revelation is sought during the power encounter as well. Revelation is needed and received before, during and after the power encounter. This provides an effective, non-traumatizing healing process which lasts and does not disappear after a day or two! Since the light/truth of God is continuously integrated into each of the steps, demonic darkness is steadily pushed out and then kept at a distance.

Time allotment when working with revelation-based deliverance prayer

  1. First six prayers – which comprise a “revelation-based truth encounter” (about 2 hours)
  2. Seventh prayer – a “revelation-based power encounter” (about 1 hour, where demons are commanded to leave in Jesus’ name, and Words of Knowledge help dislodge them as necessary)
  3. Follow-up Bible meditation by client – a “revelation-based truth encounter” (about 15 hours over a 3 to 4 week follow-up period)

The above three steps are defined in-depth, delineated and practiced as you work through the Prayers That Heal the Heart training materials (book, CDs, DVDs, LEARN Notebook). An ideal setting is a small group viewing the DVDs and applying the prayers together over a several week course and praying for one another as needed.

Jesus modeled this revelation-based power encounter approach to deliverance when He said, "I only do what I hear and see My father doing," and He commanded demons to leave (Jn. 5:19, 20, 30; Matt. 8:16).

A picture of what this revelation infused power encounter looks like

Since this is revelation-based, the client and the counselors both need to be able to hear God’s voice (flowing thoughts), and receive God’s visions (flowing pictures). Then as all seven prayers are prayed, client and counselors seek revelation from God (flowing thoughts, flowing pictures, and flowing emotions). After the deliverance is over, the client takes 3-4 weeks and completes a Bible meditation on the topic that will help him fill the inner void (where the demon left) with the presence and power and light of the Holy Spirit. Bible meditation involves praying over verses, doing two-way journaling about them, and receiving heart revelation concerning them. This produces heart faith, which keeps satan at bay so the demons do not return.

Abraham, the father of faith, demonstrates this process. He heard God’s voice, (Gen. 12:1-3), saw God’s visions (Gen. 15:1-5), and the result was belief (Gen. 15:6). This process must be followed if you are seeking faith to drive demonic darkness out of your life and be filled with the light of Almighty God.

Since many have not cultivated the skill of easily hearing God’s voice and seeing God’s visions, we strongly urge people to begin the healing process by going through the training materials on “4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice." This will train them how to let God’s light pour into their hearts and souls, and it will keep the seven prayers from becoming merely mechanical recitations. Mechanical recitations of the prayers are essentially useless.

So take the time to connect with the Wonderful Counselor, the Father of Lights, so His light can drive out demonic darkness and, by basking in His light, the darkness cannot return.

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