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Deliverance from Demons Without Trauma! You Can Help Set the Captives FREE!

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Following are some key ingredients from the most successful Prayers That Heal the Heart Seminar I have ever conducted. Use these as you host the “Prayers That Heal the Heart DVD Series” from your home group!

More than 100 People Set Free in One Weekend!

This last weekend we had approximately 120 Spirit-filled believers at a Prayers That Heal the Heart seminar in Pennsylvania. All who desired it (which was nearly everyone) received individual prayer for deliverance, and each person was delivered from about 10 demons, which means about 1200 demons were cast out! You could see the changes in people’s countenances as they were set free -- glowing faces and smiles and excitement to take the DVDs of the teaching back to their churches and begin home groups so they could set their friends free, as well.

So what were the extra ingredients that pushed this over the top? (These are patterns you can adopt!)

  1. Before breaking into deliverance prayer groups, I modeled the deliverance prayer ministry with a volunteer from the front of the sanctuary, casting out five groups of 2-3 demons. Thus people watched the process and the prayers repeated five times. I stated each step I was taking as I took it, using the terminology from the “Deliverance Cheat Sheet”. Everyone become quite comfortable with the process, and found it was quite orderly and non-traumatic. This encouraged everyone.
  2. The Deliverance Cheat Sheet was passed out and reviewed with everyone as I modeled the deliverance prayer. We told everyone they were to follow it exactly as the deliverance protocol we were going to use for the evening. Not that it is the only one, but it is the one we were going to use that evening.
  3. We strictly enforced a rule – “no stories!” Telling stories is unnecessary in getting the demons out, and takes up time that needs to instead be used in deliverance prayer. In addition to wasting time, it is unfruitful for the counselee to tell the stories of their hurts and pains because it takes their eyes off from Jesus and puts them on their misery. So NO STORIES were allowed!
  4. During the deliverance sessions there was soft worship music in the background throughout the sanctuary. All ministry occurred in the sanctuary.
  5. We had 17 prayer stations set up around the sanctuary (including 2-3 on the stage). We had 17 people with some experience in deliverance prayer ministry. One went to each prayer station. We then asked for 17 people who would like to be trained and coached in deliverance prayer to go and attach themselves with the 17 deliverance prayer counselors, and to serve as a co-prayer counselor. Over the course of the evening, they gained skill and took leadership roles in ministering deliverance prayer, and left excited that they could do it when they went back to their churches.
  6. People waited in their seats for a turn to receive deliverance prayer ministry at one of the 17 prayer stations. As they waited, they worked on finishing up their Prayers That Heal the Heart Contributing Strands worksheets, and they prayed and worshipped along with the soft worship music in the background. They tended to gravitate toward the prayer station where they felt most comfortable receiving prayer. A couple of prayer intercessors moved throughout the room, lifting everything up in prayer, and a facilitator oversaw the process, helping ensure people were directed toward any empty prayer station.
  7. We prayed until just a bit after midnight on Saturday evening, and people who still needed prayer were able to sign up for any of four deliverance prayer ministry teams which went from 8:30 – 12:00 Sunday morning (during the Sunday morning service). Time slots were 30 minutes long. When deliverance prayer ministers finished praying for counselees, they were encouraged to feel free to go to another prayer station that was still operating, and receive prayer ministry themselves. Thus everyone desiring deliverance prayer ministry received it!

Let’s restore deliverance prayer ministry to every community! We receive so many calls in our office from around the country and around the world from people who are desperate for help. They are tormented by demons and know they need deliverance, but can't find anyone who will minister to them. Won't you be a part of healing your nation, starting within your own community?

The Lord gave power over the enemy to all believers! It is not to be a specialized ministry for only a few. The Prayers That Heal the Heart materials will equip you to minister to the hurting and oppressed. Would you order the DVDs and schedule a home group for 10 weeks or so, praying for one another throughout these 10 weeks and transforming people in your community? How about you offering this course over and over again until all are set free?

Everyone is hurting and needs these prayers. These seven prayers restore people’s lives. You can be a big part of healing your nation by offering Prayers That Heal the Heart in your community, over and over again. Prayers That Heal the Heart should be offered AFTER  completing the DVD series titled “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” to be most powerful and effective for everyone - those praying and those receiving prayer. 

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  4. See information here about hosting a Prayers That Heal the Heart Seminar in your community with Dr. Mark Virkler. Because this teaching has been featured on It's Supernatural! with Sid Roth, there is a great desire among his listeners to attend such a seminar. You will be doing a great service to many people if you host Mark in your area.


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Deliverance from Demons


As I have been reflecting on the retreat and the power of Healing the Heart, I thought of the early church. They cast out demons because Jesus commanded to go forth and do so, along with healing, etc. I can visualize the cleansing of the vessel upon salvation (sozo), the inner healing that is to take place, and then the infilling of the Holy Spirit, releasing gifts that will operate in fullness and properly. I guess you put the prophetic act of water baptism in there somewhere, dead to the old man and alive to the new. In some way, I see a healthy believer, ready to walk as a disciple and be trained up in the way they should go. Instead, we have an anemic church at best, with born-again believers bound and struggling for freedom. They sit in pews and there is no fire. There is, as you say, "legal right" for their demons to keep them bound. I can see a revived church who would incorporate this into every discipleship process that they have for new believers. Get them free, then get them off to a great start. No wonder the world cannot see light and power in the church. No wonder we are like the world, we are still bound and invite all the world's demons into our gatherings and they are still in our lives.

I am praying for leaders to recognize that we have been deceived. I am praying that this vital ministry will be adapted by some brave shepherds who will turn the American church around. The rest of the world understands demons. We have swept them under the rug.

Blessings, and thank you for your ministry and coming to Western Pennsylvania. You have set so many captives free with this wonderful teaching.

Karen Phillips/prayer coordinator.