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Readers Respond: "The Most Effective Inner Healing Program on the Planet!"

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Amy Hayes shares the freedom she is finding by completing some of our Contributing Strands Worksheets, where you ask the Lord to provide the answers, and then tune to flow and write what HE is telling you! An edit enabled version of the Contributing Strands Worksheet is available here.

After watching the Seven Prayers that Heal the Heart and completing some Contributing Strands Worksheets, I have to say that this is the most effective inner healing program on the planet! 

I have been through MANY inner healing programs in the past and always dreaded the questions because I didn't know the answers.  Well, I was trying to answer them with my head instead of my heart!  It is amazing what comes up when I tune into the Spirit in answering these questions. I LOVE it!  I can't wait to do more. You have no idea what a breakthrough this is.

I was in [another ministry] for a year and got very little out of it.  I hated the questions, didn't know the answers and now I know why!  Praise God for you!  I'm hooked!

I only regret I didn't find you 20 years ago when I got saved. I suppose there is a reason for that. I am anxious to get hooked up with someone locally, and start a group too.

Additional Resources

Prayers That Heal the Heart is available in all the following ways:

  1. DVD training module with book and workbook
  2. Add a coach to the above
  3. Take Prayers That Heal the Heart in our electronic School of the Spirit. This includes e-Learning materials, a chatroom, and you can add a coach if desired.
  4. Take Prayers That Heal the Heart as a college course with Christian Leadership University.