Explore the Life of Christ with a Spirit-anointed British Scholar at Your Side - Dr. Andrew Hardy!

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A brand new product! CDs or DVDs by Dr. Andrew Hardy take you through the Gospels in 10 sessions providing you an in-depth overview of the Life of Jesus.The lessons follow perfectly with the "Through the Bible" text by Mark and Patti Virkler. This training package is ideal for either individual or small group use.

Get Some Answers!

Why are there four Gospels describing Jesus' life? How are the three synoptic Gospels different from the fourth? What does God want to say to me through the life of Jesus? Can I really imitate Christ and be like him? Yes, Jesus came to model the lifestyle God has empowered us to live! Devour the Gospels and get a picture of how God intends us to live!

What Makes These Life of Christ CDs So Effective and Life-Changing?​

The MOST revelatory training series in the world teaching you about the Life of Christ!
Features How This Helps You

Life of Christ offers a full training package: DVD, CD and workbook.

  • The 10-session CD teaching series takes you through the heart of the Gospels!
  • Utilizing this training bundle (DVDs & Through the Bible book) allows you to easily facilitate this transforming experience with a group of your friends.
  • This training module lets YOU explore in depth the life of Jesus and His impact on your life.

We define Bible meditation.

  • It involves so much more than western study.
  • It allows you to hear from God through the Holy Spirit as you pray over the Scriptures.

We define how we allow the Holy Spirit to speak into our hearts.

  • You will be taught the 4 keys to hearing God's voice.
  • We coach you in using these four keys, so you have a hearing heart!

Weekly assigned Scripture memorization and questions.

  • Hiding the Word in your heart grants you tremendous strength in the Lord.
  • Prayerfully searching out answers from the Bible lets you put down deep spiritual roots, as God reveals to you truths about His kingdom and a kingdom lifestyle.
Each week you are asked, "What is God saying to you?"
  • God speaks to you weekly through the Word by the Holy Spirit.
  • Lets your heart grow strong in the Lord.
You discover pattern lifestyles.
  • You find yourself in the pages of Scripture, and you are challenged to learn from their mistakes and their successes.
  • You realize that their lives are patterns which you can adopt and live yourself!

DVDs promote a group experience.

  • You sit under the anointing of a British scholar, who is passionate to release to you insights received by the voice of God.
  • By being in a group, everyone learns faster through sharing of their questions, insights, revelations and praying for one another.

How to Get the Most Out of This Teaching

The DVDs and CDs correspond with the Through the Bible workbook. For maximum growth and internalization, we recommend utilizing the CD or DVD set (or both), along with the Through the Bible workbook, Through the Bible Handbook of Answers, and Through the Bible Teacher's Guide.

For optimal results, draw together some friends into a home group or Sunday school class and watch the DVDs over a 10-week period. Discuss your answers to the questions asked in the workbook and share your revelations together! The DVDs bring an anointed trainer to your group, and your interpersonal sharing gives you instant feedback and confirmation that you truly are discovering sound biblical truth! An unbeatable combination.


CD and DVD Sets Both Contain the Following Identical Sessions
Session Title Length
1 Matthew's Gospel - Part 1 36 Minutes
2 Matthew's Gospel - Part 2 24 Minutes
3 Matthew's Gospel - Part 3 43 Minutes
4 Mark's Gospel - Part 1 24 Minutes
5 Mark's Gospel - Part 2 29 Minutes
6 Luke's Gospel - Part 1 31 Minutes
7 Luke's Gospel - Part 2 24 Minutes
8 John's Gospel - Part 1 21 Minutes
9 John's Gospel - Part 2 24 Minutes
10 John's Gospel - Part 3 24 Minutes


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