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Are you praying for a certain person to come to me or return to me? Perhaps you have raised your own children in the faith and they have departed from it. You may remember a time that they gave their lives to me. Even more importantly, I remember, but it doesn’t bother me for you to remind me. My claim upon them will follow them even into the world of darkness and despair. I called fishermen to follow me and told them I would make them fishers of men. I was able to make this call to them because I had the ability to catch men and I still do. I have a line on your loved ones and I’m reeling them in. 


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RE: GOD is reeling IN our children!!

This is such an encouragement to me and such a blessing to hear the Lord's voice of blessing upon our children. Thanks for listening to the Lord and sharing His voice with me!!
Your Sister In Christ,
Julia Parker