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God really wants us to spend time in His presence!

Ben Lunis's picture

1-17-12 10:37am. Lord, as I soak in Your presence this morning, thank You for continuing to make Your truths known to me. I just realized that I have been so wrapped up in wanting to do what you are asking me to do that I have failed to just soak in Your presence and enjoying being with You. Forgive me, O Lord. And thank You for another lesson reinforced.

Ben, what you are experiencing is what My church experiences so much. They get their own ideas of what they can do to please Me. They even get My specific instructions to them and then they toil diligently to achieve what they think should be done. As you have experienced the past few weeks as you endeavor to share My words with others, you have not spent much time with Me and are suffering the consequences of not walking in My love and My peace, too concerned about being obedient. Yes, I desire obedience, but I far more desire love and fellowship with My children, My beloved ones.