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Where Can I Get Some Great Soaking Music?

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Question: I am greatly utilizing 4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice book and CDs. They are life changing!  I desire to learn to become still.  In the Bible, Elisha used music to enter God's presence.  I believe the music allowed Elisha to become still so he could fix his eyes on the Lord, and tune to flow to hear God's voice.  I believe sound will do the same for me.  I have done some searching on the web for sound files for meditation. Is there anything you can recommend?

Answer: You are right that music can quiet one down to hear God’s voice. I use it all the time. I generally have soaking music playing in the background on my computer most of the day.

To guide you into two-way journaling in ONLY 5 minutes, we have the "Sea of Galilee" which is a visionary walk with Jesus along the Sea of Galilee, with music in the background. Available free here

My criteria for good soaking music is: 1) soft background music, 2) with no words, so it does not program my mind (I want it quieting my heart), and 3) no musical crescendos (as I don’t want it pushing me around).

So here is my list of soaking music which I love and play continuously

  1. Julie True - Music to Journal By here
  2. Ruth Fazal - Music here
  3. Daniel M. Kleefeld - Soaking music here 
  4. Bart de Krijger - Creation Music - Inspired by the Creator
  5. Jim French - music here
  6. Free - Relaxdaily's background music instrumentals
  7. "Come to the Quiet" and "The Calm" music here
  8. Big Bach Set” - 9 hours of Bach’s music. I deleted any of his songs which had words to them, and ended up with 87 songs, which provides soaking music for an entire day.

I find soaking music keeps me more relaxed and in flow during the day. I sense it allows me to access my heart more continuously as I work. I highly recommend soaking music.



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Soaking Music

I am a pastor and composer. I'd like to introduce you to my first soaking album "In The Arms Of The Father". My intent is to provide Godly unobtrusive atmosphere for prayer, study and meditation on God's word and His divine presence. You can hear samples at the following:
Blessings, Pastor Steve Sienkiewicz, [email protected]

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Soaking Music With Words

There is a simplicity the gospel that has come through in this song.... 'Just Jesus'. It doesn't quite fit in with how Mark Virkler describes the ideal soaking music but I it would classify it as a soaking song...I feel the style of soaking music that mark Virkler is pointing towards is great for listening to the voice of God. This song 'Just Jesus' helps me experience the presence of Jesus as I rest and it's absolutely beautiful! :D

If this song blesses you feel free to subscribe to the youtube channel and share with your friends. Every blessing.

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Soaking piano music

I Like what you wrote about soaking music to help in our devotional time. I've composed and created some wonderful piano music that works great for times with the Lord. May I introduce it to you? Thanks for listing this! God bless you today. Daniel Kleefeld

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Soaking Meditation

Check out the soaking music on
She also has beautiful slideshows where you can sample her music.

Candi Christman has weaved together the heartfelt worship of God in soaking music with the relaxation of resting prayer. She defines the beauty of creation and blends it with the glorious sounds of nature. She speaks the living words of Scripture and releases the revelatory ministry of the Holy Spirit into one unique Christian meditation.

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Another source of soaking music

I love this music !! It helps me to work (I'm a photographer) through the day and keeps my spirit longing for Jesus.


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Soaking music

Hi, in case it helps anybody... I offer free soaking music on my blog, at It's all downloadable off Soundcloud. I'm a church musician, and I took a bunch of people from our church orchestra into a studio a few times this year, to record spontaneous worship. The 2nd album - "Behold Your God" - is the most appropriate for introspective soaking, although it does have vocals. It's mostly just singing Scriptures that describe Jesus, but in short bits so you really meditate on each one.

There is some instrumental stuff on the first album, "Rain," too.

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Another suggestion

I bought a wonderful instrumental soaking CD by Rob Stroh at a conference a few months back - called 'Everlasting Arms'.

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Some soaking music suggestions

I'm exactly as you in that way and love to just sit down, be still and listen to the voice of the holy One. I also like when the music is not to buissy, but more ambient. Here are some favourites/suggestions with that kind of soaking music filling my room and my heart:

Instrumental soaking music:
- Jamie Lipe, the CD "The Encounter" (my personal favourite). At iTunes.
- Richard Souther, the CDs "The Burn" and the CD series "Prayer Room", especially nr 2 & 3. At iTunes
- Gemma & Co, the CDs "The Rest" and "Trust". Partly instrumental, but still ambient and not to busy. At iTunes.
- Cathy Mart, the CD "He restores my soul". At iTunes
- Alberto Rivera, the CD "Peace". At iTunes.
- Tiffany Ann Lewis, the CD "Trancendant Beauty". At iTunes.
- Terri Geisel, the CD "Souothing Ambient Spa Music". At iTunes.
- Jeff Johnson, especial the CDs "Frio Suite" and "ByzantIum". At iTunes
- Andre Lefebvre and the albums at his site (
- And my I suggest my own instrumental soaking music as well, Analog Prophet, the albums "Hana Ka'nima" and "Rivers Of Life - Soaking Music, Vol 1. At iTunes, as well as and

Vocal soaking music (not too busy but more ambient and still waters):
- Julie True, especial the albums "Breathe You In" and "Spirit to Spiritit". At iTunes.
- Grace Williams, all the later albums. At iTunes.
- Kimberly and Alerto Rivera

Soaking music resources:
- Soaking with a purpose ( Great soaking music site
- (

I running a Christian music radio station, located in Sweden. During all the nights (Swedish time, 6 hours ahead of EST, that,s early nights at the States) we're playing solely soaking music. You can hear it at iTunes - Radio - Religious - Radio 10.

Be blessed!

Analog Prophet

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Free soaking music to stream

One of the best resources for soaking:

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Kimberly & Alberto Rivera

Ditto... I let soaking music by Kimberly & Alberto Rivera play continuously. She is the only singer I've found who sings "in the spirit"! I especially like "The Collection" Disc 2... I believe she is singing "in the spirit" on the first two songs.

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Great Soaking Music

Another good source is Kimberly & Alberto Rivera. They have collaborated with Ruth Fazal on several projects, so there's a very kindred spirit there!