The High Point of My Journey

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Our last three days - Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - were the final days of clinics in three different Indian villages. I had my high point of the journey during this time.

Medical Clinic

Tuesday saw 315 people go through the clinic. We were in a very friendly village. As two of us walked along a village street with our translator, the crowd of 6 – 8 excited youngsters followed. This grew to about 16 as another 8 adults joined the group. We decided to simply stop and share the Gospel story with them.

As I shared the story of Jesus Christ, people continued to gather and listen. I could not help but see myself in the pages of Scripture, ministering as  Jesus , the great Storyteller who shared stories and parables as He walked through the villages of Galilee. It was a “God moment” for me as I stood in that village sharing the good news about Jesus with the growing crowd.

As I finished with the Gospel story, I asked for a show of hands of those who would like to accept the gift of the Jesus Christ into their hearts as their Lord and Savior. I prayed individually with each who raised their hands, and laid hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit.

I believe this was my most memorable moment in India. I was keenly aware that I was living the pages of Scripture. I had taken my position that day with Jesus the great Storyteller, whom the crowds flocked to hear. There were tears in my eyes. I was living true Christianity. I was overwhelmed with awe and thankfulness for such an opportunity to serve my King.

Probably the most significant miracle I saw from my praying was when I prayed for a woman who was almost totally deaf. You needed to essentially shout in her ear for her to hear you. After our first prayer, she reported she could not hear any better. So I prayed a second time. Then the crowd of 12 – 15 of her friends who were standing in a circle around us all become very excited, loud and noisy. I asked what was going on and they reported that their friend was now hearing them, and they were a good 8 – 12 feet away! Her hearing had greatly improved. Jesus is still healing deaf ears!!!

Another story: Earlier in the morning Steve Stewart had taken Anuroop Swamy and me with him to pray a second time for a man named Thomas, who had been in an automobile wreck 6 years earlier and damaged his spine and was left with no feeling from the chest down. We had prayed for him two to three times the night before and seen no visible results.

We prayed again this morning for Thomas (praying 2-3 times, and checking after each time to see if he felt sensation). Again, we could discern no visible results. So we mentioned to him the fact that as we pray, the power of God is released to flow into him. That is when he informed us that after we had prayed with him the night before, he felt a tingling sensation in the lower part of his body and did not know what it was. We told him it was the power of the Holy Spirit moving through him, healing him.

We were thrilled that he had felt some sensation below his chest! He did not get out of his wheelchair, but we prayed in faith believing and concluded the prayer time with a prayer of blessing upon him. 

Steve told him to continue to thank God for his healing, and God’s healing power would continue to flow, even after we had left.

On Wednesday I worked in the pharmacy as 340 people went through the clinic. Since the pharmacy did not provide any opportunity to pray for folks for healing, I was only able to pray for a few in the evening celebration service.

I focused on a blind man who came up to me before the service. I prayed quite a while for him with no improvement. So I got him a seat for the service and prayed for him during the entire service and even after the service. There were no visible results. So I got another person from the team and he prayed for him three times, still with no results. Then I got the pastor of the village church to come and pray. We had been told that this pastor had even raised the dead. The pastor told me he had prayed for this blind man before with no results and did not offer to pray again. So that was a discouraging experience for me. Some mysteries belong to God. We pray, and it is up to God to do the healing.

Evening ServiceThe team at large did report a good many healings during both Tuesday and Wednesday though. Steve had never told us that everyone we prayed for would be healed, as we are still in a learning curve. But he did assure us that we would all see people healed, and that we have. Steve did tell me the following morning that he found the previous evening to be a tough and hard healing service. So I was a bit encouraged that it was not just me who found the evening prayer time challenging.

However on the bus ride the next morning, the lady I sat next to was thrilled about several she had prayed for during the previous evening service as they were clearly healed. So she encouraged me that God is still doing the miraculous even though I did not see it that night.  Thank You, Lord, that the Body ministers life one to another!

Thursday, the final clinic day was similar to previous days. I was on prayer ministry again, and the Lord opened up several opportunities for me to pray inner healing with both the volunteer translators and a client coming through the clinic who essentially had Post Traumatic Stress syndrome from a terrible beating he had endured. I also saw a number healed and led many to the Lord. It was a good day!

It was a truly fun day too, with great closing activities orchestrated by Steve and Christina Stewart. And they even gave us all a couple of deworming tablets to take as we left on the plane to ensure we remained healthy and did not bring any critters back with us that we did not want. Again, Impact Nations really thinks of everything to be sure we are cared for and have a wonderful time healing the sick and proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ. What an amazing organization!

Enjoy these video testimonies of healings from members of the team. Their excitement is contagious!

On Friday I met with a gifted leader, Vijay Christian, apostolic overseer of “Friends’ Meet,” and eight anointed men on his regional leadership team, who oversaw the 75 volunteers from India who supported us during our two weeks there.

Friends Meet Leadership TeemI am so impressed with Vijay and his wife Neeraja and the excellency of their spirits and anointing on their ministry team, I felt the Lord has asked CWG Ministries, together with you, as our loyal readers, to get involved in financially supporting them as they evangelize this Hindu nation. Perhaps you can’t go to India as a missionary, but you can send money to support these full-time ministers of the Gospel. We can easily provide financial support for their various projects, and they will be daily giving their lives to evangelize their nation.

Read about this wonderful meeting in our upcoming February "God's Voice Worldwide" newsletter (subscribe here). During this month we are going to have all eight of their key leaders provide a blog of the work they are doing, so you can see how good of soil this is for us to sow into.

Blogs From “My Journey of Compassion” to India

They describe the most transformational week of my life, as I took a huge step forward in ministering Divine healing.

How You Can Get Involved

  1. If you want to be raised up in miracle evangelism, and see people healed through your prayers, you need to join one of these “Journeys of Compassion" with Impact Nations and Steve Stewart. He is raising up a last days army to do the works of God. Deeds of compassion, divine healing, and introducing villages to Christ who have never before heard the gospel. Steve’s book is available here. Read it and begin your journey toward New Testament Christianity.
  2. Another way to get involved is to help financially in sending a friend on one of these Journeys of Compassion. Those who sow financially reap in the eternal rewards of souls saved and lives forever changed by being healed by the compassionate touch of Jesus' hand.
  3. And finally, Steve Stewart can be booked to come to your church and do a weekend Journey of Compassion for your congregation. During this weekend, he trains and then takes you to the streets of your city to minister healing prayer and evangelism. Contact Steve ([email protected]) for more information concerning inviting him to your church.

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