The dark voices of the shadows of men tell you that there are no voices. But theyre lying.

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God hi.

Mark hi.

God I still can’t get used to that really being you. You don’t seem serious enough.

You know it’s really me.

I guess I do. God there are still a few church pastors nervous about this idea of having a conversation with you – they say that I’m leading people astray with this idea that we can have a back and forward conversation with you. When that happens I find that if I’m not on my guard I start doubting you.

So be on your guard Mark! This has happened to almost every single person who ever tried to achieve anything for me – God’s people opposed them.


Because they’re people.

Who? The people who achieved things for you?

Well yes of course they were, but actually I’m talking about God’s people, the people who opposed those who achieved things for me.

It doesn’t make sense though, it should be the opposite. Why does it happen that way? Why do some of your people oppose what you’re doing??

They’re people, human. Humans oppose things, often the things that they need most.


Because if a human needs something it often means that they don’t already have it. And if they don’t already have something they don’t fully understand it. And when humans don’t understand something they feel safer opposing it. People didn’t like the idea of athletes running a four minute mile - they said the athlete’s heart would burst through their chest. People didn’t like the idea of travelling over 30 mph in a car – they said it would irreversibly damage the human body. People said Nikola Tessla was mad when he invented radio waves and that Wycliffe was evil when he wanted the bible in language that the common people could understand.  People are always saying that something new is wrong. Always.


Because people, all people, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, Atheists – every single belief system on earth – all of you have missed the crucial point, the real reason for your existence.


You know what I mean Mark. The reason for your existence is a proper human sort of relationship with me – you’re human so the only sort of relationship we can have is a human one. I’m not talking about the works and performance based sort of relationship that Religion teaches you that Christianity is all about. I’m talking about actually conversing back and forward with the silent voice of the invisible God. Me. Us. The three of us.

The three of us and you, that’s what you’re here for. Yet so few of you know how to do it. Many of you oppose the very idea, others of you teach it and want it, but struggle to actually experience it. And that is NOT how it is meant to be. Mark there is hardly anyone who understands the real dynamic of constantly uncovering and hearing the silent voice of the invisible God. Among all your teachers and experts – hardly anyone.

God why?

Because the Supreme Liar has seen to it that you don’t.

God that’s offensive, saying that will offend… it will certainly offend some pastors for instance. They don’t think they’re susceptive to the devil’s lies. They’re not are they?

Of course they are, you all are.

Maybe you’d better have this conversation with someone else God? I’m already not flavour of the month with some of them and this will just put me offside with the growing number who are starting to go with this message – the ones who are catching on and teaching that a back and forward conversation with you is actually on the right track.

No it won’t put them off Mark. There are A GROWING NUMBER OF PASTORS AND LEADERS hungry to learn about a conversation with me.

Ok but God what to do about the few who aren’t? They ask who I’m submitted to, what bible college I went to. They say that listening to you is dangerous and we should just read the bible. They have all sorts of rules about how to listen to you, how to check every single thing you say – rules that sound good in practise and would work if you only spoke a sentence a month, but aren’t at all practical when you speak back and forward all day.

Drop it Mark. Move on. They’re people, they don’t understand the real dynamic of a back and forward conversation with me – which is why they don’t try it. If they tried it they would think differently. I’ve taught you how to test the spirits, do it my way and you’ll be safe.

God I keep thinking you want to talk about listening to voices, those few church leaders who are still afraid of the idea of a conversation with you seem consumed with the fear that it will see their people listening to voices. Or do you want to keep talking about this subject?

It’s the same subject Mark. I want to talk about why people, any kind of people don’t understand the idea of a conversation with me. It’s because they’ve never been taught about it. In church, out of church, no one gets taught this. In fact most are taught the very opposite. Which is how the ‘listening to voices’ topic fits with what we’re discussing here.

How does it fit?

Mark it’s true that some church pastors are still afraid that their people will end up listening to voices if they attempt a conversation with me – but what they don’t realise is that actually the exact opposite is true.

How do you mean God?

If you DON’T have a conversation with me you WILL hear more spirit voices. You don’t realise you’re hearing them already but most of you are listening to them all day long. They pretend to be your own thoughts, but they lie. The only way to hear less of their voices is to hear more of mine. There’s no way to escape that dynamic – it’s true.

God people will think I’m a fruit loop talking about ‘spirit voices’.

Mark as you’ve just mentioned they thought the same of Nikola Tesla, but imagine your lives without his ground-breaking work on radio waves.

Ok, but how come people don’t know this stuff about spirit voices God? How come people don’t recognise they are surrounded by the wrong voices?

Easy. The voices tell you that there are no voices. You have to admit that’s a fairly smart strategy.

Not everyone falls for it though God. Lots of people in the world recognise that the universe is teaming with spiritual voices.

Yes but the majority have completely the wrong idea about who those voices are. The voices pretend they are something they are not, and people believe them, but that’s not the discussion I want to have this morning. I want to talk about ‘God’s people’, the people who are trying to have a relationship with me. The voices tell them a different lie, a much more cunning lie because these people are more dangerous to the voices.

Who are the voices?

The voices are the silent ones. Silent but very vocal. Silent to the human ear, but loud to the spirit of a man. Loud where a man can be afraid or mislead.

God Michelle Hill told me how her son Thomas saw what he called ‘the shadows of men’ when he was very young.

Yes because that’s one of the forms they take. A child sees more clearly than an adult. Thomas saw them. 

TO BE CONTINUED… (Part Two coming).


The Freedom Diaries will stretch you. It describes Mark’s real life struggle with Doubt as he discovered that he could hear God’s voice every day.Dr Mark Virkler. Author of 4 Keys to hearing God’s Voice. Buffalo. New York.

Like a child on Christmas morning, I was delighted to discover how simple yet wonderful it is to place my hand into the hand of God and listen to his whispers and enjoy his affection.  I could only ask why no one had ever told me he was this good and this close.  I wish I had read this book a long, long time ago.  Daniel Walker. Founder and Executive Director of Nvader. Author of God in a brothel.

This is new and exciting. It’s not the idea of hearing from God that’s new, it’s having conversations back and forth, question and answers. That’s new for most of us. Now I am enjoying my own conversations with God, which always leave me with hope. David Garratt of Scripture in Song. Hawaii.

You can purchase your own copy of Mark Holloway's book, 'The Freedom Diaries - God Speaks Back' on this website.

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE THINKING IT'S YOUR OWN IMAGINATION WHEN YOU TRY TO HAVE A CONVERSATION WITH GOD - read the 'Practical Tips' section. How to have your own conversation with God in The Freedom Diaries


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We are continually encouraged by cwministries and have learned so much through this site. We especially appreciate Mark Holloways book Freedom Diaries. We have purchased several and have given them away. We have found it a great tool and example of two way conversation with God. Mark's humbleness in showing us his fears, questions, and simply having to trust God enough to post what he hears. Thank you and be encouraged the tide is changing.

Leslie and family, MN

Mark Holloway's picture

That's wonderfully encouraging. Are you trying a back and forward conversation with God yourselves? Has The Freedom Diaries helped you with that? What about your friends you have given the book to - are they finding a back and forward conversation with God is easier?  Mark Holloway

Anonymous's picture

I have brought my personal journal to class to share and show that everyone can have this relationship with God! Other people outside of our church family that we shared the book with found that the book was a perfect illustration of the relationship we have available. Do they journal on a regular basis? We found either the wife or the husband really picked up the truth, and in time the other will see the fruit of this relationship. Others just can't buy onto the idea of this two way conversation.

To sum it up, the book is pulling off the blinders for those seeking a more intimate relationship and to hear God's voice. Also, seems as though your conversations are revealing our true Father and His love for us.

Anonymous's picture

As far as sharing Freedom Diaries, we have an 85 year old man that loves the Lord. He stopped reading Freedom Diaries because he had a belief that this is some kind of special gift you have. Then my husband started a class at church hearing God's voice and we introduced the book to the class along with scriptures and other materials. This man that I mentioned earlier (attended the class) dug in and is now in two way conversation with the Lord continually.

Anonymous's picture

We are seeing change. My husband, after reading Freedom Diaries, uses this practice of two way conversation continually - he is a street minister, he is constantly sharing with people that they can talk to God and HE WILL Answer them. I journal regularly and I could go for hours on how it has changed my entire relationship with God. I look at life here on earth with a different heart, I have been set free from worry and hurts through what He has told me. We shared the book with our three teenagers and they know this is real and truth. Our oldest and his fiance practice asking the Lord (together) and then discussing what they believe He told them. My daughter journals - off and on, although has shared with others very openly about having conversations with God and what He told her. Our youngest is not engaging in conversation on his own, although will seek the Lord when pressed to tell us what the Lord told him to do about a situation. He is always surprised at what the Lord tells him:)

Anonymous's picture

I started out having them but I'm not sure if I have them now. I remember one day sitting on the gazebo and God teaching me to hear from him by doing a simple exercise of sitting in my chair and moving back and forth; kinda like playing the game, 'Simon says'. If I moved w/o hearing Him, He would say, 'That wasn't Me'. He would talk to me all day. Then when I started sharing what He told me with 'humans' and they were closed to the wisdom God was sharing that was so outside the box, I shied away from Him, I guess. Reading this just now has let me know WHY. Gotta get back to these conversations again; and, this time I'll keep it to myself unless God tells me to share. Thank you for sharing this. I can relate to your conversation being real cuz this is much like He talked to me; on a practical level. Whatever I needed in any moment. I'm scratching my head now as to HOW to get back there. Only thing I can think of that started it all was my feeling of sheer bliss and awe of receiving the gift of speaking in tongues and the overwhelming love that came with it. Then I started hearing Him and then started talking back and He'd talk back and so on. Well, now that I think about it, I still do that. That's about the only way I do hear Him: speaking in tongues. I just don't write it down like I used to. It's just harder in public, work, church or just anywhere around others. There seems to be a damper between His voice and my hearing Him, and this is when I REALLY NEED TO HEAR HIM. Blessings.

Anonymous's picture

A sure and certain way to ' hear ' God speak is ... read the Scriptures out loud.

This is the only safe and sure way friend because the evil one appears as an angel of light ....2 Corinthians 11 v 13--15 ......Deception is his job description...

Subjective experience needs to have an objective reference point and the Scriptures are the unchangeable and only safe and sure source of truth. The very voice of God to us and every generation....

God wasn't trying to be mean and vindictive when He tells us in Jeremiah 17 v9 that " The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked/sick" He was communicating our vulnerability to deception and it's consequences...

This is why our trust must only and finally be in His enduring Word and not our own subjective and ever changing

Mark Virkler's picture

Nice thing the New Testament tells us that we have a new heart and a new spirit, and we are partakers of the Divine nature.
Thus my heart is no longer evil, but now is trustworthy.
Also, Jesus was clear to say, My sheep hear My voice.
Nothing wrong with the Bible, as long as you acknowledge that the Bible commands us to Walk and Live by the Spirit (Gal. 5:25).
If we throw out the Spirit we are no longer Biblical.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Pastor Virkler, Thank you for responding to my comments. Of course we agree that we walk and live by the Spirit of God..... The Scriptures themselves are only understood by the Holy Spirit. They are God Breathed......Not from human wisdom and inspiration , but God Himself. There is no reference in my comments that denies the work of the Holy Spirits influence in hearing God speak. The point is subjective experience is not the absolute reliable source of truth. 2 Timothy 3 v 16.. All scripture is GOD breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking , correcting and training in righteousness " There is no other final objective reference point that I can see.

A very important question that doesn't have a clear answer in these blogs is.... How does one differentiate Marks comments from thousands of others who claim to hear the voice of God including even the sick and vulnerable souls in psychiatric hospitals , without an objective reference point....

Apostle Paul ( a man with the call and enabling of the Holy Spirit to preach the gospel to the Gentiles) refers in Romans 7 v 19 that even he experienced "the good that would do, I do not, and the evil I would not do ... I do" We Christians know by experience ' our spirits are willing indeed but our flesh is weak' Romans 8 v 1 "Thanks be to God that there is no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus etc.

My sincere question is for myself and others who are confused and desire truth is this.... How is it that the saints of old fell on their faces at the manifest presence of God but Mark Holloway can ( and encourage) obscene language in his conversations with The Lord. I cannot find any reference in the Bible that would encourage that. John 16 v 8... Jesus says " when the Holy Spirit comes He convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement. 1 John 1 v 8.. "If we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us".

Thank you for publishing my questions. I think they will reflect some of the confusion that others feel and have no objective reference point other than Mark Holloway .... I am happy to blog under my own name if you wish...

Mark Virkler's picture

Everything is to be tested. The Bible clearly says that. None on this website disagree with that. All must be compatible with Scripture. In addition, I strongly teach that in the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses every rhema is to be confirmed. So we always take our journaling to 2-3 spiritually mature people and ask if they confirm it is from God.(2 Cor. 13:1).
I assume you have been through our training on 4 keys to Hearing God's voice. All these safeguards and more are detailed there.

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