Jesse Birkey - Our Newest Blogger! "Extraordinary Stories from an Ordinary Person"

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Jesse works in Florida on a paramedic team and rides the rescue vehicle that goes out in response to 911 calls. Jesse comes face to face with cardiac arrest along with a host of other calamities, so as a Christian, he has lots of opportunities to pray for those who are in crisis situations. I met Jesse for dinner two weeks ago and was blessed by his humble and passionate heart. He shared that over a two-year period, every single person he delivered to the hospital was alive. Because, in fact, God had used him to raise at least eight people from the dead in the ambulance on the way! There is even a movie coming out this fall about his activities called “DEADRAISER.” Check out the trailer here!

Jesse has also written a wonderfully inspiring book which is full of fascinating stories of his adventures on the job. Faith will arise in your heart as you read this book! It can be ordered from Jesse’s’ website. Even better, click on the 2-minute video below and let Jesse talk to you directly about the work he is doing and the book he has written.

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We are thrilled to welcome Jesse Birkey as a regular blogger on the CWG website. I believe his weekly stories of God’s supernatural healing encounters will inspire our faith to continue to do the “greater works” that Jesus talked about. Thank you, Jesse, for sharing your amazing miraculous stories with us.

Read the first blog: “Betrayal and Broken Windows”.


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How to heard God voice?

Hi Mark Virkler, this is Mai, I very huger for God and want to be closer to His side to heard His voice. Since I born again in Holy Spirit my life is change a lot, but I feel there is something missing in my life and need to be fill? I want to heard God voice, but it very hard for me to focused in His voice what should I do to help me heard His voice?

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How to hear the Voice of God

Mai, I suggest you go through all the free stuff on our website on the voice of God, and that you also purchase the book and training materials on "4 Keys To Hearing God's Voice."