You Are Invited to Join a "Journey of Compassion" in Kenya April 14 - 26

Mark Virkler's picture

Steve Stewart is ready to give you the experience of your life if you will go with him for 12 days to Kenya this April. I went with Steve for 12 days on a Journey of Compassion to India in January of this year, and it was the most transformational two weeks of my entire life. 

I encourage you to take just two minutes and let Steve Stewart share with you by video what happened in their last trip to Kenya and what he has planned for those who go with him this April.

Now pray, and ask God if He wants you to go with Steve to Kenya on April 14th.

We can be world changers. These Journeys of Compassion are one awesome way to help change the world, and be changed in the process. I believe you will agree a Journey of Compassion is one of the best experiences of your life.