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I Saw My Kids in Heaven

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One of the great people I met on our Journey of Compassion to India was Char. We had several long bus rides together so we had lots of time to talk. In addition, she heard me teach for an hour on the 4 keys to hearing God's voice, and of course during the training we all journaled together and shared it with one another. Char sent me the following email concerning the Lord taking her to heaven to show her her children, who had died... years ago. What a touching story. What a Wonderful Counselor we have!

Char states: Here is the testimony of my vision of seeing my kids after following your steps to hearing God's voice.

I saw heaven today.  I had to climb a small ladder into a hole in the upper part of the ceiling - a small round hole.  Once up through the hole - a grassy plain lay before me.  A whole array of beautiful flowers.  A stream trickled down over a bed of rocks.  The water was clear as it trickled over the bed of rocks.  A bridge made of stone crossed over the stream.  In my mind I could picture Jesus laying the rock one on top of the other in order to make me this bridge out of His LOVE for me.  I was also shown the outside of my cabin.  A quaint place that was made for me in paradise.  It was a log cabin with a front porch - pillars held up the roof over the porch.

I began to get excited after I realized I was in Heaven and what Jesus had shown me and asked to see my child that I had lost in a birthing accident.  Jesus not only showed me Isaac, He showed me my daughter whom I lost to an early pregnancy miscarriage 8 months after I lost Isaac.  Isaac wore his hair in a mohawk, and his eyes shined bright green/blue like my own eyes.  Lily (whom I did not name, she received her name from Jesus) had straight brown hair and looks like Aaron (my husband) - Same brown hair, same softness as both Canaan and Dennis (my children here) and Aaron.  Just a sweet natured little girl dressed in white. 

Isaac was more clear to me and I could see that Isaac was full of the same energy as myself (a bit rambunctious and full of excitement), a very energetic boy of about 8 years old.  Lily stayed back a little, maybe with a more shy personality.  She was about 6 years old, and both children are growing at the same rate they would be here on earth.  The impression was that these kids hung out near my cabin waiting for me to come home.

Note from Mark: This was an inner healing prayer experience. Inner healing occurs when God shows us His perspective and that living truth brings restoration and hope to the broken places in our hearts. We teach on inner healing in one of the chapters in our Counseled by God material as well as in Prayers That Heal the Heart. You can also find more stories of inner healing encounters in When Heaven Touches Earth.

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