Why Do I Need to Pray More Than Once for Healing?

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Having noted that I can pray up to four times (or more) for healing, I have been asked the question, "Why do I need to command the healing more than once? Why isn't once enough?" So since I had never asked God that question, I decided to journal about it. I have noticed that many times not much happens the first time I command a healing, but if I do it immediately again, very often a level of healing occurs, and if I do it again, then an even greater healing is manifest, so...

"Lord, why is repetition helpful when ministering healing and deliverance?"

Mark, even I needed to repeat the command when I was dealing with the Gadarene Demoniac. You are fighting an enemy. You are coming against an enemy. You are attacking and defeating. Does an army strike once, or do they strike over and over until the enemy is defeated? They continue to strike, weakening the enemies’ defenses until they are able to overthrow them.

That is what you are to do. Healing and deliverance does work, but remember it is a warfare you are involved in, and be willing to continuously strike the enemy until he is defeated. Never give up. Never accept compromise. Never accept sickness. Fight the good fight until the enemy is totally defeated. Then My glory can come and fill the space and My kingdom is enlarged. So toil on using the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, as that Name is a mighty battering ram. In that Name there is power and victory to defeat the enemy.

And My hand-to-hand combat tools include the sword of the Spirit, which is the rhema word of God. A precise word from Me will give a precise strategy for winning a particular battle. So seek this rhema word and then use it. As I direct your fight, you shall win.

Behold I have spoken. Behold it is to be done.

"Thank You, Lord!!"


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Commanding Healing More Than Once

You mention in your journaling that God used the scripture reference of the Garderene demon for commanding healing more than once, but where does Jesus command more than once?

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Had Been Saying ...

In Mark 5:8 the Greek tense is continuous present tense, so it is translated correctly in the New American Standard Version as "For He had BEEN SAYING to him, "Come out of the man, you unclean spirit!" Also, Jesus prays twice for the man who was blind (Mk. 8:23-25), and Elijah prayed 7 times in a row to end the drought (1 Kings 18:42-44).