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By Your Stripes I AM Healed and Symptoms Are Disappearing

Mark Virkler's picture

God spoke to Merlin Carothers asking him, "Do you want Me to heal the sickness, or remove the symptoms?"

Merlin pondered and said, "Heal the sickness."

So from that point Merlin only prayed once for healing, and after that, he simply thanked God that the healing had occured. Well, thankfulness releases healing power both naturally and supernaturally. Supernaturally, because thankfulness is faith in action, and God honors faith with the flowing of His supernatural power.

Thankfulness also puts our bodies in the state of healing, turning off inflamatory genes and turning on immune-building genes.

So let's ask in faith believing, praise and thank God, and watch Him open up prison doors and set captives free, just as He did Paul and Silas in Acts 16:25,26!