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Namibian Prisoner's Life Transformed

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Immanuel Heita, a Namibian prisoner in Africa, recently submitted a paper for the Christian Leadership University course he has taken, "Counseled by God."  An excerpt from his testimony is below:

“I learnt lot in this course and even my English is improving…I’m learning in this course, now I know that God has a purpose for my life…According to what I learned in this course is that deep hurts sometimes cannot be healed by simply praying in an earnest, yet cognitive fashion …that which will heal deep things in the heart is dreams and visions, not merely the expression of words – but the seeing of pictures. The vision that is often needed is to restructure the scene of the heart and go back and relive it in your mind’s eye, this time, however, seeing Jesus present giving love and healing, forgiveness and strength…in His presence we receive the power of Divine Grace....

"The course is really interesting and inspirational, SOMETIME I FEEL SO ECSTATIC THAT I CAME TO PRISON because I’m learning…about the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is EXACTLY what I needed…I learned how to receive my healing, actually when I commune with the Lover of my soul and walking-in-hand with Jesus I experience healing and relief in His presence.”

Would You Help Us Reach More Prisoners Around the World?

Currently CWG and CLU are serving 327 prisoners. We are thrilled to see these courses transform people's lives behind prison walls. It is a seed into their future and the future of our nations and the Kingdom. 

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Testimonies from other prisoners whose lives have been touched are also available here.