21 Days of Prayer for Digestive Healing

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Elijah prayed 7 times for the drought to end, and on the seventh time, he saw his answer appear (1 Kings 18:42-43). Since we are encouraged to pray as Elijah did (Jas 5:16,17) I have no problem praying seven times for a miracle to happen. If I still don’t have my answer, then I may move on to using another type of prayer. Here are healing Scriptures to speak over yourself daily. 

21 Days of Prayer for Digestive Healing

Daniel prayed and fasted for 21 days and received his breakthrough (Dan. 10)! What a exciting Biblical example for us to follow as we are led by the Spirit.

For your morning and evening devotions (1 Chron. 23:30), use the following prayers. Doctors often have you take medicine three times a day. You could surely pray these prayers three times a day if so led, especially if you are facing a critical situation. These prayers provide God the opportunity to pour His grace into you. 

Options: You may do the Gifts of Healings prayer for 7 days, followed by Miracles for 7 days and then Speaking a Word of Faith for 7 days. You may prefer to pray the three prays on three consecutive days, and then repeat the cycle 7 times. Follow the leading of the Spirit as you pray until fully healed. It has been said that seven minutes a day for 21 days can re-structure your mind and your heart.

Speak these prayers aloud, with conviction as you tune to vision, flow, emotion, passion and compassion. 

The benefits of adding in fasting: Fasting breaks off spiritual bonds (Isa. 58:6) as well as putting my body into the healing state (Isa. 58:6-8). In addition God hears and answers my prayers if I will stop judging others and speaking negative things (Isa. 58:9). It is evident that living in a spirit of judgment damages health and living in a spirit of love and compassion releases healing (Matt. 14:14).

Here is a blog with links to 8,400  scientific studies showing the physical benefits of fasting.

I personally enjoy doing a ten day Master Cleanse as my fast. It is much easier than water only (as it has 500 calories per day in it) and I suspect has very similar benefits. I have seen remarkable improvement in my health whenever I do the Master Cleanse. The Cayenne Pepper cleanses your blood and Smooth Move Tea cleanses your colon.

Jump to a prayer selection below:

Gifts of Healings Prayer 

Quiet yourself in the Lord's presence, perhaps by praying in the Spirit for a few moments. Pray the following prayer aloud, slowly, incorporating pictures, vision, flow and emotion, as this is what makes it a heart prayer and not simply a head prayer. If you need to repeat phrases twice in order to fully see and feel them, then do that. 

Lord Jesus, I welcome Your compassion and Your healing power to flow down upon me right now as I quiet myself in Your presence. Holy Spirit, lead me as I pray. Thank You.

  1. Repentance - Changing my mind: Lord, I repent for not choosing wisely concerning the foods I consume and for taking comfort in foods (and drugs) rather than in You, Lord. I purpose, by the power of the Holy Spirit, to avoid refined foods, devitalized carbohydrates, sugary substitutes and GMO foods. I purpose to avoid drugs, cigarettes and other items toxic to my body. Lord, cause my body to hunger for and desire nutritious food. Lord, strengthen me to make healthy choices that meet my body’s needs. I choose to eat appropriate amounts slowly, chewing them thoroughly. I choose to drink room temperature liquids while eating and to keep these at a minimum so as not to dilute the digestive juices in my stomach. Since grains are particularly hard on the colon, I will avoid these during the healing process.

    I repent for harboring tension, anger and fear. I choose to smile, relax and laugh throughout the day. I choose to forgive and honor myself, and to forgive and honor all others. I repent for not exercising and I choose to challenge my body through exercise so it maintains optimum health. Lord, guide me in the selection of all necessary food based supplements so I can be sure to have adequate minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and HCl in my digestive tract. Since fermented foods are excellent to restore healthy digestion, I will add fermented foods to my diet.
  1. Breaking curses: I break all word curses (hexes, vexes, incantations and witchcraft prayers) spoken over me by myself or others concerning poor digestion. I bind and rebuke all evil spirits that that are connected with these experiences and gained a foothold in my life. I break all agreement with any imaginations of indigestion. Indigestion has no place within me! Demonic forces, I break you off from me now in Jesus' name! I declare that the diagnosis that the enemy has placed on me will not prevail over the ability of Almighty God to heal me.
  1. Cleansing (lay your hands on your gut, seeing Christ’s hands overlying yours): I command unhealthy parasites and unhealthy microbes, virus, bacteria and fungi to leave my colon and digestive tract along with all yeast. I command healthy intestinal flora to be restored. I command all toxic elements, heavy metals, pesticides and preservatives to be cleansed from this body in Jesus' name.
  1. Erasing negative memories (lay your hands on your stomach seeing Christ’s hands overlying yours): I speak to my cellular memory, my RNA and my DNA and I command the indigestion, pain and suffering to be cleaned by the blood of Lamb and erased from their memories. I command the images, thoughts, attitudes and ideas that my body will react with distress to food, to leave in Jesus' name. I choose to think on things of good report. I break all mental strongholds and fears that say I will always have these problems. These are lies from the enemy. They are not true. My only memory will be of the marvel of God’s healing grace restoring my digestive track and bringing me to perfect weight.  
  2. Restoring body parts: Lay your hands upon each of the organs below (mouth, throat, stomach, liver and gut), while seeing Jesus laying His hands upon your hands. Now together with Jesus, speak the statements below to each organ, as you stay tuned to flow, and watch each part of your digestive system respond appropriately. Stay tuned to flowing pictures, flowing thoughts and flowing emotions, so that you pick up the initiatives of the Holy Spirit (Jn. 7:37-39).

Holy Spirit, I welcome Your compassion and healing power, and I ask for it to flow upon me now, in Jesus' name. I speak restoration to my digestive organs. In the name of Jesus, you are to secrete all necessary digestive juices starting with the saliva glands in my mouth – function normally, in Jesus' name; hydrochloric acid in my stomach – secrete normally, in Jesus' name; bile from my gall bladder – secrete normally, in Jesus' name. Liver, cleanse normally, in Jesus' name. I command a proper balance of micro-organisms and probiotics in my colon, in Jesus' name. The lining of my intestines is restored and strengthened. It releases nutrients properly, without leaking, in Jesus' name.  I speak to all organs that relate to digestion, “Come into perfect alignment with your God given purpose!” I speak to my skin, "Be healed and restored in Jesus name!"

  1. Soaking my complete digestive tract in God’s glory: Digestive system, I see you glowing with divine light and glory (Hab. 3:4). God’s light and glory fills my mouth and my salivary glands. It is illuminating my throat, healing as it goes. Now I see God’s light and glory and power glowing in my stomach, restoring the stomach lining and causing it to secrete gastric juices properly. My gall bladder is now glowing with Christ’s light, secreting bile properly. Now my liver is glowing with Christ’s light, being cleansed, strengthened to do the work of detoxifying my body. My intestines are glowing with Christ’s light. The walls are being strengthened so nothing leaks through that is not supposed to leak through, and digested nutrition does flow through freely.

    I see my body in radiant health, reflecting the glory and wholeness of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank You, Jesus, for your healing touch. Healing oil is now pouring down over each organ of my digestive tract; first my throat, then my stomach, then my gall bladder, then my liver, then my intestines. His oil flows from top to bottom. I watch and see every organ being transformed as it is touched by this healing flow.

  2. Celebration of divine health: With a big smile on my face, I celebrate how well my digestive system works. I see food being readily assimilated by my body. I lay my hands on my heart and I speak faith to my heart. Faith, arise! Faith arise! Faith arise, in Jesus' name. I believe for perfect, complete digestion! Lord, I receive Your gift of faith to believe for complete restoration of my digestive tract. Your compassion and grace has healed. You have removed all doubts and fears. You bring my heart and mind into perfect alignment with your will. I place my hands over all foods before consuming them and speak a blessing upon them. I choose exercise, laughter and stress free living. I run, I play and I laugh seeing Jesus at my side (Acts 2:25). I enjoy and celebrate the gift of life which God has given me. Thank You, Lord, for Your compassionate healing touch!

(Adopted from “The 7 step GIFTS OF HEALING Model”)

Believing for a Miracle 

  1. Compassion ­– Smile, tune to your heart, express God’s love toward you, “Of course Jesus wants to heal me … Jesus includes everyone … I absolutely am included.” I feel God’s love!
  2. Ask, “What’s Wrong? – “How long have I had this and what event occurred at the time this problem began?” Receive and honor any thoughts or pictures which come as these are important messages from your heart.
  3. Listen to God – Relax, smile and ask, “Lord, grant me words of knowledge concerning how to pray for this situation.” Then receive any information the Lord may want to reveal by tuning to spontaneous emotions, spontaneous bodily pains, emotional pains, pictures and words. Lovingly embrace theseSpecifically confess sins, especially accusative thoughts and words toward self and others and unforgiveness towards self and others, and follow any other specific directions God gives. Command all spiritual forces connected with these sins to leave now. If no special revelation bubbles up, then minister healing based on the general promises in the Bible and Jesus’ example of healing ALL who came.
  4. Invite God’s Presence - His Presence and Power to Heal – “Lord, pour Your love and healing power upon this body according to Isa. 61:1-3.  Holy Spirit, I welcome Your presence. Glorify the Father by revealing your glorious healing power. God, send angels with healing on their wings. Your love and power is present to heal (Lk. 5:17)!"
  5. Command the Healing in Jesus’ Name – Lay your hand on your digestive tract and command the affliction/pain to leave. Use short prayers. Stay relaxed and smiling so you do not block the flow of the Holy Spirit. Maintain this attitude: “Healing is easy because Jesus has already done the work. By His scourging I am healed. He has already purchased this healing for me” (Isa. 53:4,5; Ps. 103:3; 147:3). I rebuke demons connected to this ailment and command them to leave. I cancel every assignment of the powers of darkness against me. I command pain to go and trauma to leave all cellular tissue. I speak restoration and normal function of all cells and body parts in my entire digestive tract as well as my skin. “Be healed in Jesus’ name!” See God’s light penetrating the area. I focus God’s healing light on the digestive tract and my skin just as I would focus a magnifying glass on a piece of paper to intensify the sun’s rays and start it on fire. God’s focused healing power releases miracles (Lk. 11:34-36; Hab. 3:4). Roar at satan and his darkness! I declare, believe and see Your divine energy penetrating my skin and digestive tract. I personalize and speak Psalm 91 over myself.
  6. Test It Out – I ask for and receive God’s vision of my body functioning normally. Gratitude and thanksgiving flood my heart as I digest food I could not digest before. Miracles manifest as I step out in faith, believing, thanking Him (Mk. 11:22-24) and receiving in childlike joy. As the lepers went, they were healed (Lk. 17:14). “I get up and live in vibrant health.”
  7. Repeat: Pray a Second, Third and Fourth Time – If I pray and see no visible change in the natural, or I see a partial healing, I pray again. Repetition weakens and defeats the enemy. With each prayer I express a little more love, belief, and gratitude. I close by praying a blessing over myself. “I am a child of the King: I am a co-heir with Jesus. All Jesus bought and paid for is my inheritance. I am loved. I am forgiven. I am cleansed by the blood. I am accepted in the Beloved. I am filled with His Spirit. I have angels protecting me and assisting me in the ministry of Jesus. I am united with Jesus: I have been crucified with Christ. I died with Him. I was buried with Him. I was raised with Him. I am seated with Him in the heavenlies far above all rule, all power, all authority, and above every name that is named, not only in this age, but also in the one to come. Therefore, I carry the authority of Christ. I have authority over sickness, over sin, over demons, and over the world. I am the salt of the earth. I am the light of the world. All things work together for my good because I love God, and I am called according to His purpose, which is for me to be conformed to the image and likeness of Christ. I can do all things through Christ, because greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world."

(Adopted from "The 7 Step MIRACLE Model”)

Speaking a Word of Faith 

  1. I receive a spoken word from the Lord - “Lord, what do You want to say to me about my digestive system?” Listen for His voice, tuning to flowing thoughts. You may want to write down what He speaks.
  2. I receive a vision, a picture of the promise fulfilled - “Lord, what does my healed digestive system look like? What will I be able to do when You have restored me to full health?”
  3. I ponder this rhema and vision from God – nothing else! I choose carefully to daily, continuously ponder and see ONLY God’s promised healing for me. “Whatever I fix my eyes upon, grows within me; whatever grows within me, I become.” Jesus, You have purchased my healing at great cost, through the stripes which You bore. I will not squander this costly gift from Calvary.
  4. I speak the rhema and vision God has spoken to me – I speak health and healing to my digestive tract and to my skin in Jesus name. Be healed in Jesus name. "Truly I say to you, whoever says to this mountain, 'Be taken up and cast into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says is going to happen, it will be granted him (Mk. 11:23).
  5. I act on the rhema and vision God has spoken to me – I do what you have asked me to do to restore my digestive tract.
  6. I set aside self-reliance – I fix my hope fully and completely on the Lord!
  7. God, You will release the miracle in the fullness of Your time - Lord, I believe the rhema and vision You have given to me. I believe digestive healing is released to me. Thank You Lord. I worship You. You are more than amazing!

(Adopted from “The 7 Step WORD OF FAITH Model”)

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Anthaiah's picture

Dear Mark Virkler, I would earnestly request you to pray for my stomach issues, mainly  I have Diarrhea problem persistently for long time on and off .
With the help of God Almighty and on account of your prayers i will overcome and do the will of God.

Mark's response: I would encourage you to get tested for food allergies. And perhaps you are lactate intolerant.  If that is the case, cutting out dairy or taking lactate any time you eat dairy would solve it.

Anonymous's picture

Hello sir, my name is Roy Liu and am 19 years old. i suffer from a strange and undiagnosed condition, it has been an issue impacting my life in a negative way about 3-4 months ago, i was sitting on my futon in the downstairs basement and i suddenly felt a strange feeling in my left lower buttock, and ever since then, i have been having incomplete bowel movements, and this has lead to my colon being so backed up that i fear i may soon have toxic megacolon or worse and end up in a serous medical crisis or even dead, i have been to the ER twice and seen countless doctors and nothing has helped...enemas haven't worked, medication hasn't worked, exercise and dieting hasn't worked either. i am very scared and so worried that i haven't been sleeping well either. i am considering going to see the ER again but fear they will not be able to help me....im so worried and have been praying to God for help but haven't received any yet and this is making me wonder whether or not God is even real, i can no longer continue living like this, the pain is so great sometimes that i feel the only option that i have is too jump of a high building and ending it all because i can no longer tolerate this torture, it literally feels like my colon is going to rip part sometimes, thats how painful it is, duo have any advice for me sir? anything would be helpful.

Anonymous's picture

Hi, please try doing a hydro colon cleanse. Read up on it in the link I provided. It sounds like your problem may be internal but this may bring you some relief until the doctors can determine the root of the problem.


I hope this helps to relieve your pain. Please continue to pray for healing and over this process as well. Check groupon and livingsocial for deals on hydrocolon cleanse


Mark Virkler's picture

You can find a Healing Room here. https://healingrooms.com/index.php?src=association
I would get to a church where they do healing prayer and receive healing prayer. Call around to the churches in your area and ask if they provide healing prayer ministry that you can receive. When you get a "yes" get scheduled to receive prayer.

Anonymous's picture

Ty soo much for this 21 days prayer.i have bad digestion from 20 yrs due to stress,depression.i did prayed,some people lay hands on me.i took communion 3 times a day.they worked a little.some didn't work.after this prayer until 15 days nothing happened.infact i got terrible acidity.after that i got 90 % digestion back,I'm on day 20.thank you mark virkler.god bless you.

My request is to you is can you make 21 days financial abundance,anxiety prayer.i know the model,but i don't know much english,so many people are facing these.please help.thanks

Anonymous's picture

Hello mark,
After 21 days,i stopped it,again after 1 week i'm getting indigestion,do i need to continue this prayer again? i was hindu before,from last 2 yrs i'm believing jesus a lot,is there any 21 day prayer for whole body,i have chilblains,anxiety,ocd in blood line,chemical imbalance,right shoulder pain,adrenaline.losing in business(i'm writing problem here,but i'm saying successful women everyday).sorry for too many msgs.ty brother.god bless you.

Anonymous's picture

Thanks brother,ty for your valuable time.thank you for financial prayer,valuable links.i will share with friends who need them.i tried to do it from model,but i can't because of my poor english.i will pray hard now.god bless you.

Anonymous's picture

Ty for your reply brother,ty sooo much for considering my idea,it will be helpful for soo many people who follows your blog,i know people google it for financial prayers,in my business no matter what,everything happening opposite,i prayed,prayed,still losing money,my son turned teenager,want to earn for his college,my husband also worried some times.ty ,ty,ty.i don't know how to express my feeling,after i tasted the real taste of food after 20 yrs,i'm eating happily now.god bless you every second of your life.

Anonymous's picture

Praise Jesus name and thanks be to God.
My husband of 3 years has suffered tremendously since his gall bladder removal almost 2 years ago. I am a strong believer of miracles..as I too have been healed from a severe skin condition from Eczema. I prayed everyday and in my heart know there is someone bigger out there who listens to our hearts and sufferings. After all it was he who created us, God made us humans and has formed us. The power of the Lord is amazing if you pray and believe for a miracle. I pray every day for God's miracle working power to be released and I am seeing great results. I see a major difference in my husband. I also sprinkled holy water on his enzymes that has helped by the power of Jesus and commanding it to work in Jesus name and by his pure blood he poured out for us all. I hope whoever reads this to believes that God will answer your prayers in Jesus name. God bless children in Christ. Amen and Amen.

Mark Virkler's picture

At one point in my life I would not have believed in "Holy Water." However, the Lord spoke to me and said, "Do you believe in holy handkerchiefs? If My power can fill a handkerchief, why can't it fill water?"

God was performing extraordinary miracles by the hands of Paul, so that handkerchiefs or aprons were even carried from his body to the sick, and the diseases left them and the evil spirits went out (Act 19:11,12). My conclusion is that God's power can fill both water and handkerchiefs, and more...

Anonymous's picture

I was dealing with a nasty stomach bacteria called Hyplori for 6mo that caused me to lose 40pds and caused a lot of digestive issues (Gastritis, pancreas inflammation, SOD inflammation, Gall Bladder inflammation and small intestine inflammation). My Gall Bladder was so inflamed I had to get it removed along with getting surgery on my SOD because it was scared shut and bile or enzymes wasn’t going through causing everything to back up inside me when I ate. Talk about pain! I also developed tachycardia and was admitted in the hospital twice because of HP. After being on 2 rounds of antibiotics that didn’t completely eradicate it I had to use a natural approach, because the bacteria had become resistant to the antibiotics. That’s when I found this 21 day prayer. I started praying this my first day out of the hospital (11/27) and I can honestly say IT WORKED! I feel so much better now. God is so good! I was able to start back working on 12/27 1mo later, after being on medical leave for 3mo. I hope my testimony will help inspire someone to never give up on God he is faithful and will bring you through what ever your dealing with, hang in there. God Bless!

Sentinel's picture

I have had issues with my bowel movement for about 2 weeks now... Massage, laxatives, prune juice name it I tried it... As I type this I’ve just had the most relieving bowel movement and could not help myself and burst into tears... All I can say is believe and trust in every word you read and the lord will guide you to do the right things, it works... Don’t stop with reciting it just once... Stop when every word is believed and put your trust in him... Thank you for this amazing prayer and Hope!

Anonymous's picture

I belive in repenting from eating unblessed food. Because now at days all food almost contain poison. Even the eco one. So instead of trying to avoid poison in food, i think it is important to ask Jesus to bless the food. Because we are promised to eat poison and it wont work on us. And also that anything you do, do it for the lord. A lot in this prayer i liked though.

Anonymous's picture

I've been sick for over a month and was desperate. As soon as I prayed this prayer I was healed. I was able to eat normally the next day - first time in over a month. I will continue to pray this for 21 days. Thank you, Holy Spirit for healing me instantly and permanently. God is truly amazing!

Anonymous's picture

I felt God was telling me to share with you that I prayed the 21 days of prayer for digestive health and that it worked!!

Anonymous's picture


Thank you for sharing the HOPE that you have in Christ. May we be found faithful when He comes. May we be found occupying when He comes. May we be found making disciples and teaching the nations His Word and how to obey it, when He comes.

I pray that He comes today. But if it is a few more generations, I pray that He anoints us to heal the sick, cast out demons, bind up the broken hearted and set the captives free until then.

May America be found a sheep nation when He comes. Well, that is going to take LOTS of prayer and work!

How may I work with you in this adventure!?

In Liberty,

Anonymous's picture

Dear pastor Wirkler, l'm from Argentina and one of your followers and "fan" of your teachings and Charity's. Is theŕe any posibility of having your book" Prayers that heal the heart" in Spanish?
I have many friends I would like to share this material and others but they don't speak English.
I pray for your life, family and ministry to be blessed much more every day.
In Jesus
Silvia Martin

Dale Cresap's picture

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

Anonymous's picture

How wonderful, thank you. We need to capture God's heart and vision to partner with Him. What an exciting reminder for us to speak out to create. I can't wait to see what God has in mind to do!

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