Whole Brain Learning by T. David Manohar

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T. David Manohar is one of our recent doctoral graduates from Christian Leadership University. We are proud of this accomplishment in his life, and are glad to publish an article he is using in the secular workplace on Whole Brain Learning. His article gives a brief historical overview of how scientists have come to the understanding of left and right brain functions, and then explores the question, "How can I use both hemispheres more effectively?" The specific topic he uses as an example to demonstrate how to use both hemispheres is writing.

The creative part of writing comes from the right side of your brain, and while this is going on, you do not let the left hemisphere critique what is flowing. The left hemisphere can focus on getting it recorded.

Then once the creative flow has been received, the left hemisphere can be engaged in proof texting and clarifying what the creative hemisphere has delivered. 

It is an interesting read. We have published it here for free downloading. I think you will enjoy it!