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Patty Schmid's life has changed since she learned how to hear God's voice, speaking in her inner self through His Spirit. She is continually amazed at the things He reveals to her. As she is filled with God's love she finds she has more to give to others.

Sweetness and Light includes inspirational words and visions from Patty's devotional journals. Join her as she walks with Jesus by the river, rides with Him into the battle, and dances with Him in the waterfall. You may hear Him speak to your heart as well.

"I pray that this devotional journal will deeply touch your heart and challenge you to hear from God for yourself."

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Endorsement by Mark Virkler

There is no greater thrill than to have been instrumental in helping people hear the voice of God, and then seeing them create wonderful gifts such as this book, Sweetness and Light, and bless the world!

Your heart will be warmed and healed as you read these wonderful devotionals straight from the heart of God. He is alive. He is speaking. His words are life, and as you read these devotionals, saturated with powerful pictures, you will experience the flow of His life pulsating through your being.

This is an awesome gift not only to yourself but to those friends of yours who need a special touch from God. Read the first few devotionals above, and experience for yourself, one more time, the power of Jesus' words.


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how do i hear gods voice

I want hear gods voice please I;ve been trying be still after I pray so I can hear his voice I want to hear his

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Use the 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice

Use the following 4 keys in order to hear God's voice. Quite yourself down, picture yourself together with Jesus in a comfortable setting, write down, Lord, what do you want to say to me, and then while fixing your eyes on Jesus, tune to flowing thoughts and flowing pictures, and write them down. You will discover they are from God. Confirm they are from God by submitting them to 2-3 spiritual advisers. Also, check out additional free information we have under the "Free Resources" tab.