Released from the Victim Mentality - Journaling by Julia Lynne Parker

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Hello, Jesus!! Hello, Daddy God!! Hello, Holy Spirit of Truth and Love and Mercy and Grace!! I'm needing Your input into my life this morning. Thanks for friends that I can bounce things off of. Thanks for scenes that You only You will remake for me and those I love. I need You right now to help me focus on You, Jesus, to quiet myself down, to tune into the Holy Spirit. I am so excited to see what you will do. (I've turned on Julie True's soaking music A Stroll Along the Sea of Galilee).

I see Jesus in the car with us as we traveled to church every Sunday morning for three years. I hear my friend's chatter and I see Jesus smiling. He is sitting in the back seat with my friend. All the chatter is drowned out by the music of heaven. Jesus has my friend in His arms. She is leaning on His chest and He is singing to her. He is singing words of affirmation, comfort, cheer, and blessings. She is soaking up His presence as we ride along the highway.

She is still chattering on and on and on, but I don't hear her words. Jesus hears her and He has His finger up to His lips and He is quietly saying, “Shhhh my child. Shhhh I AM all you need.” She continues to chatter, but Jesus keeps listening and shushing her gently. All the while I'm riding in the front seat, but I don't hear a word my friend is saying because I'm not allowing her chatter to disturb the Peace that Jesus has given me. She tries to interact with me by asking me questions that will engage us in a religious discussion. The love that Jesus has for her is totally over the top amazing. I am not engaging with her.

He is not the least bit jarred by her words or her attitude towards her mother. Jesus shows me the blood in His hands that He bled for my friend and He says, “This is enough for her. What I have done for her is quite enough!! Anything that you do or don't do cannot make any more difference than what I have done for her. I have chosen and adopted her. She is mine and you must release her to me for this time. She has the tendency to bleed all over people and play into the enemy's plans as the victim. She is not a victim, but she has believed the lie that she is. I AM showing her how not to play the victim. She will learn and people will be amazed with the miracle that I perform IN her.

"I am releasing her of that victim mentality. She will go no further until she lets go of her sins and the sins of others against her. She is caught in a trap that the enemy has lured her into. I desire that you stay out of the mix, just as your husband has asked you to do. Cut it off just as Catherina has warned. Let her go and don't look back. She is in My arms now. She is My responsibility, she is not your responsibility. Let go, dearest Julia!! Let go and Let Me be IN control. I'll take over where you and Wes have left off. I am not angry with you, nor am I upset and afraid for your friend. She's a diamond in the rough! I AM polishing and shining that beautiful diamond for My glory! I will get the Praise for what is accomplished IN her.

"Let her go!! Release her to Me! I'm loving what I see you do at this time. I know it's hard for you to release because you have felt so responsible. That's an ego trip thing. She's not your prize or your reward! I AM your Prize and your Reward. I love what you have done and I've erased what you did that I didn't orchestrate. It's ALL good!! It's ALL O.K so don't fret, stew, be anxious, worry, shout, scream, or even run in circles. You have made it over the top and through the enemies' camp this time and there is no need to retrace where you have come from except to find a re-made scene to begin to think about. Let this new scene with Me in it become what you think about when you think, see, or even talk to your friend."

We stop along side of the road and my friend gets into her car as Jesus opens the door for her and gets in the passenger's seat. He says, “Soon I'll be in the driver's seat, but for now I'm riding along to keep her safe!” Jesus waves good-bye to us and throws kisses to us as my friend drives away with Jesus in her car. He continues to talk to me and says to me, “She's safe now, so let Me handle the big and little issues in her life. I AM so very capable, much more capable than you, My Sweet Julia! Thank You, Julia, for taking such good care of My daughter. You've been lovely servants and friends, but your time is up with her. You and Wes have done your part to get this little lady on her feet, now she needs to let Me take your place and her mother's place! She'll get there, dear Julia. Just keep praying and just keep trusting Me to have My way with her. She has come a long way.

"You and Wes have done an excellent job so don't lament over what hasn't been done right or what you didn't do. Hashing over the past about your friend is not going to lift the burden from you, it's only going to make it worse. It will only get bigger and bigger the more you think, talk, and react to situations with her. You give the enemy more power when you keep rehearsing the situations with your friend or anyone else that you have encountered who has troubled you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. You've made it this far and you are on your way now to greater victories and greater levels of understanding and maturity IN the Kingdom of God!!"

Lord, I can't wait to see what You have in store for my friend, Wes, and me. You are an amazing God of Love, Life, and Truth!! Thanks for all your encouraging words of comfort, counsel, and encouragement IN Your Name, The Lord Jesus Christ!! HALLELUJAH!! PRAISE THE LORD!! Victory is mine!! Jesus is MY VICTORY!!!

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