Are all financial appeals from our Lord?

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Holy Lord Jesus, I need Your perspective on ministry appeals that says give them a certain amount of money within a given amount of time and be blessed with great and unrealistic returns. As you know, I react badly to some of these appeals.

Ben, I know that I recorded that blessings follow giving. This is a truth. However, when religious people manipulate this reality for their own benefit, it is no longer truth - it is extortion! I know this sounds harsh, but I never intended for My people to manipulate My truths for their own benefits. You do well in not agreeing with some of the appeals that are made for money. Pray that the eyes and ears of their hearts be opened to Me so that I can share My desires with each of them.

(My personal note:  Whenever you experience situations similar to mine above, pray a very powerful prayer for them - pray that the eyes and ears of their hearts to be opened to the Lord.  This prayer allows heavenly activity to take place. This prayer can apply to saints and to sinners, to Popes and to paupers, to leaders and to the flock.)


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Are All Financial Appeals From God?

Good post! Thank you Ben!

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Thank you

And thank you!!!
Blessings galore to you,