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Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven

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Today we're going to have my daughter, Charity Kayembe, share the next segment of her awesome blog series with us.

Be blessed!

Welcome to part nine of Angels: God's Servants, My Friends. If you would like to read about the day Jesus introduced me to my guardian angels, as well as some Scripture verses He highlighted for me about them, please check it out here.

Look Look Looking

Daniel's life was filled with exciting visions of angels and it's no secret why. The Bible makes it clear that the reason he saw and saw and saw is because he looked and looked and looked (Dan. 7:2,9,13). It says the same thing about Zechariah's extended six-chapter-long visionary conversation with an angel. He kept on looking too (Zech. 1:18; 2:1, 5:1).

And in Revelation John said over and over, "I looked and behold...", "I looked and I saw...", "I looked and I heard..." (I love the looking and listening going together like that - Rev. 5:11, 8:13).

So while it seems obvious, I don't think it can be overstated. Taking the time to look is a definite key to seeing! Not just a quick glance, but fixing our spiritual eyes. Gazing intently. Focusing without distraction. That kind of looking.

I don’t see angels all the time, but I do see them whenever I look. I don’t see much in the natural realm with my eyes closed shut either. So in the same way I need to make sure and constantly be praying that the eyes of my heart be wide open and enlightened and looking to see what I can see (Eph. 1:18).  

Who Can’t Do This?

My brother Josh’s daughters have both seen angels. And Bekah especially is a totally different kiddo because of it. Before she used to be shy and timid and would sooner sit on the sidelines than go play with other kids on the playground.

Now, she’ll happily join in and make new friends at the park, or visit a new children’s church service – even without her brother and sister. She’s not afraid anymore because she sees that she’s not alone.

You ask her where her guardian angels are and she motions to either side of her. They’re always there, and she can always see them, and that makes all the difference in the world. No fear... a peaceful heart... new confidence. That’s some good fruit! And if it works for seven-year-olds, it can work for anyone.

A Kingdom of Joy

Job 38:7 says angels shouted for joy at creation. And since they're always in God’s presence (Matt. 18:10), and in His presence is fullness of joy, that would explain why my angels are always in such a good mood. They rejoice over one sinner getting saved, right? And sinners are getting saved all the time around the world.

Point being, I think angels in general, and God specifically, are all a whole lot happier and more fun than we might have figured them to be. They live in heaven, with no tears or sin or sadness. On earth as it is in heaven!

Multiple Personalities

That being said, I do also recognize that God is infinitely creative. So for as many different personalities that people have around the globe, I imagine angels also have an equally diverse range of them as well. Even my angels aren’t the same – definitely two distinct dispositions.

When my dad sees his angel, he is a giant soldier decked out in armor from head to foot. Since Mark means “strong defender” that’s perfect for him. God realizes that for dad, as the ‘fighter for truth’ that he is, a huge valiant warrior angel is what he would want to see. Anything less would be a disappointment!

Confessions of a Recovering Perfectionist

I’m a first born, Type A, goal-oriented perfectionist (read: control freak). Which means my angels have their work cut out for them! And also shows why their perfectly laidback, fun-loving, peace-keeping, joy-guarding personalities are exactly right for me. God wants to help us maintain emotional equilibrium and bring us into balance, so He will give us whatever we need and whoever we need to get us from where we are to where He wants us to be. 

What About You?

What kind of personalities do your angels have? One reader commented how she was naturally very disorganized, so the Lord sent her an angel of organization to help her get her home in order.

So what do you need more of in your life that your angels are helping provide you? And do you see any ways that their personalities may be complementing yours? Please feel free to share your angel stories with us. Thanks!

The Kayembes and Boo - images courtesy of CharlaArts

The Guardian - image courtesy of sattva at


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Just to Confirm

Charity, you are absolutely right concerning the transformation in Bekah's personality since she began seeing her two personal guardian angels. She has gone from fear to faith. Wow! Amazing. So much easier than trying to convince Bekah academically she does not need to be afraid.

As the church learns to see and hear in the Spirit world, the church will also move from fear to faith. They will see the Most High Rules, not the defeated foe. And yes, it is comforting to know that God has given me a warrior angel to stand at my side. The Lord told me I could send him to fight, and he would go, he would fight and he would win. Hm... as I write this, I am being reminded of a battle I should commission him on right now, so let me go do that. Charity, keep up the great work. Dad

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angels series

Is there somewhere that i'll be able to get the whole series when you are done so i'll be able to read any that I missed?
Also.. I'll love to ask you or Charity a couple questions. Do I do that here? Or can I do it through email?
Linda Basta

Charity Kayembe's picture

RE: angels series

Hey Linda! That's a great idea. We'll work on getting them all in one place and when they're in order there, we'll send out a blog letting you know where to find them.

Also feel free to post your questions right here, or if you prefer to email them, you're welcome to connect with me at [email protected]. Thanks so much for stopping by. Blessings to you!!