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Jesus performed healing, and people received the Gospel. I have always hungered to see this happen and today, I not only saw it, I participated with 35 others in DOING it. Every member of our team saw God move in miraculous ways through them!

9:00 in the morning we walked into a quiet village in India with 200 houses, three Hindu temples and no functioning Christian church.

The Story

We had 36 on the team plus 75 Indian translators and helpers. We made a big scene to announce ourselves. Firecrackers and whistles as we left our bus and walked from one end of town to the other, where we immediately began worshipping and lifting up the name of Jesus, as the crowd grew.

The night before, a team of Indian Christians from another city had set up a tent which was now next to us. This was going to house the medical clinic which would be in operation all day. 30-40 chairs were positioned in rows in front of the intake station of this medical tent. Villagers immediately filled up the chairs, readying themselves to receive some free medical services and pills which would be administered from morning till late afternoon. A third of our team went in to manage the 6 stations in the medical clinic; another third of our team began praying for healing for folks waiting to get into the medical clinic as well as those leaving the clinic, and the final third went to the streets offering to pray for anyone who had pain in their bodies.

Essentially everyone took us up on the offer we made, "Would you like to receive prayer?"  Working through translators, we identified the point in their body which had pain, and then simply asked Jesus to manifest his love and compassion to them and we spoke to the pain to leave in Jesus' name and laid our hands upon that part of their bodies. They were short prayers and we then checked to see if all pain was all gone. If not, we prayed again. Generally after 1-3 prayers most people had great reduction or total release of pain. This included headaches, arthritis in back and knees and hands, stomach problems, cataracts, and even an eye that was milky and could not see was healed.

After each person was healed, they were asked if they would also like to invite Jesus into their hearts to heal their hearts, wash away their sins and give them eternal life. Most said yes!

I personally prayed for many and saw many of the above healings, including pain leaving the knees, back and head. I was able to lead a number in salvation prayer. The clinic fully processed about 125 individuals, and then as time ran out, provided vitamins and de-worming products to another 100 or so.

Evening Celebration ServiceAll day we invited people to the evening “Celebration” and that consisted of music, guitars, dance, skits, and the preaching of the gospel. When the invitation for salvation came, probably 75 – 100 came forward to receive Christ as their Savior. Many more came forward for the second call which was for physical healing. We prayed through translators until it was time to pack up and return to our hotel, only to do the entire process over again the next day in another city. We did gather up names of those who gave their lives to Christ so they could be followed up by pastors from churches in nearby villages.

Christ came to this village today. Hundreds were healed and saved, and there was no arguing about theology or whose God was the real God. We simply offered them Jesus’ compassion through the clinic, our healing prayers, and our heart of mercy expressed throughout the entire day, and a Hindu community came to Christ.

My life was changed today because Steve Stewart, the Director of Impact Nations, had coached 36 of us in how to do miracle evangelism. In the two days of training which preceded this first of the 6 all-day clinics (which would transform 6 different Hindu villages) he fathered us and extended his mantle to us. His apostolic oversight created an environment where Hindus would gather, and be progressively touched by the love and compassion of Christ, until they finally gave their lives to Jesus by the end of the day.

Today I prayed on the streets. Tomorrow I work in the clinic...

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How You Can Get Involved

  1. If you want to be raised up in miracle evangelism, and see people healed through your prayers, you need to join one of these “Journeys of Compassion" with Impact Nations and Steve Stewart. He is raising up a last days army to do the works of God. Deeds of compassion, divine healing, and introducing villages to Christ, who have never before heard the gospel. Steve’s book is available here. Read it and begin your journey toward New Testament Christianity.
  2. Another way to get involved is to help financially in sending a friend on one of these Journeys of Compassion. Those who sow financially reap in the eternal rewards of souls saved and lives forever changed by being healed by the compassionate touch of Jesus' hand.
  3. And finally, Steve Stewart can be booked to come to your church and do a weekend Journey of Compassion for your congregation. During this weekend, he trains and then takes you to the streets of your city to minister healing prayer and evangelism. Contact Steve ([email protected]) for more information concerning inviting him to your church.

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