Lord, Speak to Me Concerning the Anointing in My Life - Part 1

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The journaling which follows is from Lyle Thomas, a CLU student, and a missionary in Russia. It was turned in as part of his course work for the class "Increasing the Anointing."

"Anointing is the music of your life. It is not merely true that music can carry an anointing, but music itself is an analogy of what the anointing is. All your works, all your love, your efforts, your life given to Me fit together into a beautiful harmony of love and flow that comes out through you in a way that speaks to those who receive it. It comes out as a flow of the love that was poured into it, and it comes out as a thing of beauty and love and passion and as an offering to those who receive it. It has its own internal harmony, structure, rhythm, cadence, and progression. As you jump into this anointing under My leadership, you become a vessel of My love and creative life-giving flow that ministers healing to the nations.

Picture of Lyle Thomas"Music can be improvised or carefully crafted, but even when carefully crafted, it need not be un-anointed. Do not think that because you work hard on your vision that it is without anointing. It is like Beethoven, who worked hard and constantly corrected his music, but it had a great anointing, which is to say an internal beauty, flow, and message that carried power with it to the hearers. Only work to craft under the anointing, in meditative flow, in concert with Me and My Spirit, flowing within you. You can think, but let your thoughts be guided by My love and energy.

"You have a certain anointing when you lead a group of people whom are you are bringing into relationship with you, each other, and with Me and My ways. You have a beauty of form and gate that allows My Spirit to flow through you for the benefit of everyone. When you are not focused on you and your genius, you can be full of My Spirit and My ways so that the result is truly beautiful. You do have the anointing, the anointing to minister love, truth, grace, and transformation to individuals, couples, families, and to groups that you work with. You have an anointing to give out of the investment I have made in you to cause others to flow to an even greater level of anointing.

"Let them stand on your shoulders and jump further, swim more powerfully, and move in greater love, power and sacrificial anointing than you have guessed possible. Give away yourself in concert with My love and energy flowing through you, and you will experience the anointing that I truly intended for you. You are already walking in it, but you are destined to walk in even greater measures of My anointing.

"I have great depths of My Spirit for you, ready to come out of you; they are welling up within you even now, and you will learn to tap into this flow. It is there and bubbling up even now. Your dreams are a foretaste of this anointing flowing up in you. You are a man of passion and an articulate spokesman for the Kingdom. Do not doubt that I have raised you up to be just what you are feeling within your spirit. This is all true and a work of My Spirit. I have put this thirst and vision within you." 

Additional journaling by Lyle Thomas on sensing the anointing will be available in Part 2.


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continue the walk

It's been awhile that I have heard such words to walk in the anointing.I'm dailey finding my self seeking how to recieve the closeness that you have. I have had words spoken to me about the working of mirecales and signs,hearing from God.
How do you enlarge your mind to recieve such wonders.

This is what I'm hearing. Some will try and distract you in this walk but be for sure this is real.Today is the day that you will hear and walk into a greater revelation that you have never before known.I have freely given my anointing to all who will seek and recieve,there is no measure.

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Continue the walk

Thanks much for the encouragement. I'm just a fellow pilgrim like you. Have you taken the class increasing the anointing? It's just disciplined commitment to meditate and journal and be aware of these things throughout your daily life that are helping me grow, but I still feel like an infant. In fact, what you wrote for me applies equally well for you.