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A New Brand of Christians - Praying for Healing on the Streets!

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David Rocha has a video below where you can watch him pray with people on the streets of LA to receive healing. And even though he is praying through an interpreter, people are getting healed! This is amazing and exciting. This is what is going to sweep America and the world and you can become a part of it.

You might ask, does it take a special background to make this happen? Well, David served a 5 1/2 year prison sentence, and took Christian Leadership University courses during two of those years. So I think the answer is all it really takes is for us to believe the Bible and get out there and start praying for miracles. Watch his video and see if you don't agree!

What about you? Have you ever hit the streets and prayed for healing? What happened? Has the Lord given you prophetic words to share with people you've never met? What has your experience been? We'd love to hear about it in the comments below! 

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seeing rightly

happy seeing this...truly motivated and stirred up....this will be a common place around the globe where street evangelism will be backed up with manifestation of the power of Christ..

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Praying for Healing in the Streets

What a wonderful concept! I believe God uses His people to minister to others in this way. It is a rare person who responds to the question, "May I pray for you?" with a "No!" This is effective evangelism because it brings healing to those in need.

Lloyd Hildebrand, President, Bridge-Logos, Inc.

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Laying Hands in Jesus Name

Your right. They are already happening around the globe. Jesus is shaking things up with Love through lots of diverse people who are in Love with Jesus and know who they are in Christ. I was at the Kingdom Awakening Conference and it was truly amazing at the Love there and so many different denominations but we were pretty much on the same page. I'm in Baton Rouge, LA. I have been seeing healings for 11 months now and since the seminar my walk with The Lord has deepened and it continues to everyday. I can't even come close to wrapping my mind around what I am seeing. We have authority to speak His word with boldness and watch Him stretch His Hand to heal. We are believers and we can lay our hands on the sick and they shall recover. It's all Holy Spirit. He lives in us. It is no longer us who live but the Christ in us. We are supposed to walk as Jesus did. You have it in you just believe. Your mind is the only thing stopping. Pete Cabrera Jr has some good videos on YouTube. Joe Furnaro is awesome. Don't be surprised if you command a short leg out in Jesus name that it comes out. Amazing Love!!! Peace , Bronson

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Thank you Dr. Virklers

I will never forget how thankful I was when I found out your school offered courses to inmates. It was such a blessing. I plan to still finish my Bachelors with you. CLU is an awesome and unique school because it's not about head knowledge, it's about knowing God and knowing who we are in Christ. I believe that your courses set it up for me to be open enough to pray for the sick and see awesome results. God bless you Dr. Virkler and thank you again for the courses you have.