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Invited Into His Presence to Minister Before Him - by Dave Frincke

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I began serving in leadership of various churches at a young age. A few years into my ministry journey, the Lord taught me a vital truth that has radically changed my life and my understanding of ministry. He began to show me in the Scriptures how all of the ministry we do for the Lord, flows out of our ministry to the Lord.

As I embraced this truth, my whole view of God changed and my love and affection for Him began to increase. And it is still increasing today.

I’ve had many different assignments over my years of ministry; youth leader, church planter, worship pastor, church secretary, senior pastor, co-founder and leader of an international movement of songwriters and serving as a church janitor. Throughout my journey so far, having the Lord Himself be my first and foremost ministry has centered me, fueled me, kept me from burnout and equipped me to more effectively minister to His people.

In the Kingdom of God, everybody is a minister and everyone is in ministry. So if you’re wondering if this course is for you… it absolutely is! I want to invite you to join me on this journey as we explore the personal aspects of worship and how everyone is invited into His Presence to minister before Him. Just as the faithful sons of Zadok were rewarded with the opportunity to minister to the Lord, you too will discover the prize of His Presence.

It is my prayer that throughout this course, you will be provoked to respond to His invitation by saying “Yes” and take your place in God’s Kingdom of Priests.

Dave Frincke

New Dean of School of Worship for CLU

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