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What Angels Don't Have

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Today my daughter, Charity Kayembe, will share the next segment in her blog series with us.


Welcome to part eight of Angels: God's Servants, My Friends. If you would like to read about the day Jesus introduced me to my guardian angels, as well as some Scripture verses He highlighted for me about them, please check it out here.

Things in Common

One thing I’m really beginning to appreciate about my angels is how alike we actually are in some ways. For example, we’re created beings. That’s something that I don’t have in common with Jesus (Who is God), but I do have in common with them.

But even though they’re not God and never will be, they’re holy. And perfect and sinless. Well, I’m not God and never will be either, and now with my angels I have a chance to see how a created being with a free will gets that perfect holy sinlessness to play out in real life.

Just Like Us

Angels don’t have all power like God does, in and of themselves, but they know that He’ll provide whatever strength they need to accomplish the work He gives them.

They don’t know everything like God does either, but they know that He’ll give them whatever knowledge they need to succeed in the assignments they receive.

Same with us, we don’t know everything but we can have confidence that God will make sure we know everything we need to know, when we need to know it. We’ve got the Holy Spirit and anointing, with words of wisdom and knowledge. And we’ve got angelic messengers who are happy to help give us understanding anytime we need it too.

Role Models?

They also trust Father perfectly, and submit to Him easily without hesitation. And they know know know that God is going to do whatever He’s said He would do. Uncompromising obedience and total surrender to Father’s will. Perfect faith in action, every single time.

The other thing I love is that they live to worship God. They have their priorities right every second, and never get distracted or lose their focus even for a moment. They understand that their number one main job, more important than any other great service or work of the kingdom, is ministry to God. Not for Him, but to Him. Same with me.  

Winners & War Heroes

They are the most confident friends I have! While completely humble, they are entirely bold and brave. Not a hint of arrogance, but absolutely assured that whatever they’re intending to do will be accomplished, because they have God backing them up. They’ve got nothing to prove to anybody, they just live to please Father.

My angels are also both extraordinarily positive. They have no fear. No pride. No stress. No doubt. It’s such a beautifully awesome combination, that extreme humility and extreme confidence. I love it. I want it!

Because they have the revelation that we’ve won. It’s already done. Jesus secured our victory and the Most High really is Ruler over the realm of mankind.

We all know that in our heads, but that’s ALL they see. All they know is God’s truth and His perspective. The war’s already won, so they never fight for victory. They always, only, naturally, exclusively fight from it.

Why It Works for Me

All of that is what I’m going for. And where am I going to see an example of it – by someone who’s not God Himself (Jesus) – except for with angels? I have wonderful friends and amazing family, but none of them are perfect. Here’s my chance to see in real time what it can actually look like. Feel like. Sound like. I get a vision for holiness and how awesome it is and that makes it seem a little bit more within reach.

When you walk with the wise, you become wise. And you figure that if even just a tiny bit of that glory realm rubs off on you, you’re a lot better off than when you started!

What About You?

What is your favorite thing about your guardian angel? Is there a certain trait that you like best? And what are some other ways it seems we're similar to them? Any more areas we have in common with our angels?

Please feel free to share your experiences and perspectives with us in the Comments below. It's fun hearing how heaven looks to you!

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Anonymous's picture

I haven't yet seen my angels - how do I see them?

I have had one or two encounters, for example, when I was asleep, on my back, two angels lifted off my bedcovers (waking me up) and two other angels turned me on to my side, the bedcovers were replaced and a feeling of peace ensued. Must have been snoring lol. I also was in bed another time and I felt a puff of air and smelled the scent of 'lily of the valley'. I searched around for the source, but couldn't find anything in the natural.

I get a bit confused - am I supposed to interact with Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, or Angels? I have only just discovered this website and 'flowing' so l am very new to all this!

Ps love this blog!

Charity Kayembe's picture

RE: I haven't yet seen my angels - how do I see them?

So glad you stopped by... It's awesome that you've been able to sense your angels!

Angels are similar to Father God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in that they are also spirit beings. Like God, they live in the spiritual/supernatural realm, so to connect with them and see them we can actually use the same steps we use to hearing God's voice and seeing Him. If you haven't been through the "4 Keys" teaching yet you'll definitely want to check that out:

I would encourage you to begin with hearing God's voice and then ask Him about your angels. I imagine He will be happy to introduce you! As for Who in the Trinity you may want to interact with? They ALL would enjoy a personal relationship with you! I see Jesus, Holy Spirit, Father and my angels all separately, with their own distinct personalities and unique sense of humor. :) Even when I'm "alone" - it's a full house!

I'm excited for you as you continue to pursue all the Lord has for you. Every blessing on your journey!

Anonymous's picture

post about angels.

Oh Mark.. This series on angels is amazing. I was first a little taken back, but just read your daughter's post on her first introduction with all her scripture references and wow.... what a revelation.
Although a little shy about it right now... I hope to connect more with my angels in a friendly way and not just asking the Lord to give them orders on my behalf.
Bless you all,