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Isa 59:1  Don't think that the LORD is too weak to save you or too deaf to hear your call for help! (GNT)

I’ve been focusing a lot here on how WE hear the voice of the Lord, but sometimes we need to step back and re-examine how the Lord hears OUR voices! It matters not to Him if we are male or female, young or old, red, black, white or purple. He is not weak that He would not hear and pay attention to us when we need Him! Yes, He does listen and hear us, regardless of how that “cry for help” sounds to us. Whether we pray out loud or silently, speak in the Spirit, groan in intercession, or even unaware of our cry for help!

Last fall I was in a conference where I ministered to a group of children, some of whom the world would call “challenged”. Funny, but I feel WE are the ones being challenged! God has so much to teach us through children of all kinds – if we’ll just watch for the lessons to be learned!  

I had just finished teaching this awesome group of kids and was leading them in some “soaking” or “waiting” prayer time, looking and listening for the Lord. A few of the kids were antsy and having difficulty focusing. I had been led to pray for one little guy who was very active. I didn’t know anything about him, and asked the Lord how to minister to this precious little one. As I was listening, Jesus asked me, “Can I borrow your arms”? Then I was led to just hold him and sit down, wrapping my arms tightly around him and whispering prayers into his ear. He began settling down and eventually relaxed under his Father’s love and vision!  

What happened afterwards was such a picture of how the Father loves and cares for us, hearing our cries even when we don’t realize we’re crying out for Him. I will let these words from his mom tell the story:

“Near the end of the ministry time at your meeting downstairs for the kids, you took my son, John aside and prayed for him, he was resistant, but Jesus had asked to borrow your arms, so you took him and prayed for him.  I knew that God was doing a work through you at that time, but it wasn't until the next day that we really began to see the fruit from your ministry.  To give you a little background on John, He is an identical twin and his bloodflow had been restricted from in the womb.  The twins were born at 32 weeks and had a bit of a rough start.  Of the two of them, John was a great deal more rigid and they both have been coming out of a non-verbal tendency since they were 5.  They are 9 now.  Part of the way the non-verbal would present was in John's and Peter's (to a lessor extent) propensity to let out screams of frustration frequently.  They never settled down to sleep well and so they would be up late at night and then early in the morning, before the rest of the family would get up, they would go down to the family room and play.  In that time, early in the morning, the screaming would begin.  The whole family, exhausted from the never-ending screaming would groan, then sort of roll over in bed and try to shut it out for just 5 more minutes.  In short my husband and I, and the kids were all completely stressed out from it all and the twins were frustrated and sad, as well.  SO, the day after you ministered to John when we woke up to a quiet house, even though both twins were up, we were more than elated!  This has continued from that day until this, and we are so grateful!”

Jesus heard those little guys cries for help and met their needs! They didn’t need to organize a prayer vigil, send our requests for prayer, or have the pastor anoint them with oil. They were just crying out for help, and the Father heard them! I do believe that as I also relaxed and allowed Him to “borrow” my arms to hold that little guy, His presence settled a need within John. Even though it was an “unorthodox” way to minister, and I’d never done it before, I was so excited to see what Jesus was going to do!

Our spirits long to be with Lord – He placed that need within us, and we constantly cry out for Him through our words, actions, tears, and attitudes! The great Elohim hears those cries, sees our needs and meets us, sometimes in the most unique ways, and with the most unique people! His love and healing are for EVERYONE, regardless of what the world may say, and the glory of His presence cuts through every frustration and pain!  What an incredible Lord we have!


 Karen’s calling is to bring children into the manifest presence and glory of Jesus, lead them in experiencing His deep abiding love, clear unmistakable voice, wise Godly direction for their lives, and to ignite a spirit-led passion for serving Him in many ways at any age.

She is available for children’s and adult conferences, retreats, church dates, camps, leadership training and regional equipping sessions. Fire For the Nations hosts a summer camp for kids and periodic kids mission trips during the year. Her first book, KIDS CAN is now available in both the CWG and Fire For the Nations bookstores. For more information on the book or to schedule dates, check out the website (www.fire4thenations.com), or email her at [email protected].


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Please pray for Marquis

Marquis is 11 years old and is struggling with anxiety and depression. He is a great kid but he feels worthless. It breaks my heart as a mom who is unable to make him better. If you are reading this mail, it means that I am reaching out to everyone by any means necessary for help. I believe in the power of Jesus.
He has thoughts of dying and wanting to cease to exist. Please pray for Gods healing. He is so broken. Please help.

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Please pray for Marquis

Bless you, Mom! So many children today are being affected by the pressures and cares of this world, and the enemy of their souls knows the buttons to push. More times than not, I’ve found a correlation between how hard the enemy pushes as compared to the greater calling on a child OR adult. God must have an incredible plan for Marquis!
I would encourage you to continue to pray aloud with him, read the Word together and take time to wait on Him during times of waiting prayer. It also sounds as if he may benefit from some wise pastor or counselor ministering to any inner hurts or issues. Prayers That Heal the Heart by Dr. Virkler is also excellent for children in getting into any past open doors that may have been opened, or words spoken over him by others. Keeping him in an atmosphere of worship and prayer will help soften the wounding and help get him into a place of healing and restoration.
Please know we will continue to lift up both you and Marquis! We minister to children with these issues often, and have seen Father give freedom and peace. Bless you for your reaching out – He sees your situation and your heart and has His great hand of love on Marquis! Feel free to contact us at Fire For the Nations if we can be of help. 

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Thank you for your posts.

Thank you for your posts. they are wonderful.

Our daughter Ella (8) is an extremely talented and compassionate kid.
But she struggles with self-esteem issues and has an unrealistically negative evaluation of herself, her gifts, and her abilities.

She recently mentioned several times that she does not believe in god's existence and she asks "how can I pray if I do not believe?" I told her she can pray to God and ask for faith, but she didn't buy the circular reasoning.

Please help pray for her and our family (her father is a non-believer and in fact the majority of my and his families are non-believers). I pray that somehow God will become the center of our family and our individual lives and that we will feel confident in salvation and stop caring about the measures and treasures of this world.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you for your posts....reply

Bless you, Momma! We will be praying for Ella and so many more children like her who are in the situation you described. The enemy of our souls (and our children) desires to use every available obstacle to keep us from knowing our Father and the great love He has for us. But the Word tells us that "greater is He who is IN us than he who is in the world"! The Great One has bigger plans for us, and because "His word never returns void", He WILL find a way to accomplish what He has set out to do! Take joy and comfort in that!

We always pray that Father will bring those alongside these young ones to give them a word or encourage them in a way that will draw them close to Jesus' side. We always pray that His angelic forces would protect and prepare their hearts for a greater encounter with Him, and that Jesus would open the eyes and ears of their hearts to receive new life and a more intimate knowledge of Him!

Be encouraged that Father has Ella (and your family) in His eyes constantly and that He's working to bring them closer. Your heart and prayers help during this time, so don't grow weary! We will continue to pray that He gives you the words and creative thoughts to be able to share with her the reality and firmness of not only His existence, but His amazing love, power and depth!

We do encourage you to get Dr. Virkler's book on Prayers That Heal the Heart. These truths and prayers can also be used with children, and have had such incredible results in healing brokenness, fear and trauma. Father will lead you as you pray with and for Ella in these areas! Ask for Him to show you the roots in her life that need to be worked through and He'll be faithful....He loves her more than anyone else could!

Blessings in your walk with Him!