Transformational Prayer Counseling or Consultation Available with Dr. Mark Virkler

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Often an hour together can change the course of one's life, as there is an impartation, anointing and release that occurs which can help resolve an issue or point one in a new direction. Dr. Virkler is more than glad to schedule one-hour consultation or counseling sessions. In a consultation session, Mark will listen and provide a godly perspective. The focus of prayer ministry counseling will be divine encounter with Almighty God and experiencing the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

The tools for prayer ministry will include hearing God, seeing vision, breaking off generational sins and curses, inner healing, deliverance, breaking off word curses, repenting of ungodly beliefs and inner vows and replacing them with godly beliefs and godly purposes. Counseling will be Spirit-led.

Transformation WILL take place as long as you come hungry for change, are open and able to interact with God through the Holy Spirit, and you allow Mark to lead in the counseling time and are willing to follow his lead. 

Preparation for the Phone Prayer Counseling Appointment

Preparation for counseling is for you to have a working knowledge of the training package titled 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice, and to be able to do two-way journaling and see vision, as this is central to the prayer process Mark will be leading you in. This training module gives you many hours of personal instruction by Dr. Virkler, at an extremely low cost. Whenever possible, do this series with a friend or a home group or with a coach, as that magnifies the result in your life.

Now take the identical steps with the Prayers That Heal the Heart Module, and as you go through this series, Mark leads you (as you watch the DVD's) through all seven prayers to heal your heart.

Generally a one hour call is all that is needed to help you take a huge step forward, and set you up to do some prayer homework which allows you to gain another key victory in your life. The coaching time will be largely prayer.

To make this effective you must let Mark take the lead and guide you and you need to be willing to follow. If you can't come with this heart attitude, then we ask you not set up an appointment, as it will most likely be a disappointing experience for all. 

Prayer Counseling Contribution/Gift to CWG Ministries

Often an anointed conversation and one hour prayer time on the phone is all that is needed to gain a new insight, move beyond a block and get on with your life. Dr. Virkler is willing to offer this service and we are asking for a $150 donation which will include one of our $99 School of the Spirit electronic training modules and one hour of personal coaching, prayer ministry and deliverance. You can make the donation here

When you make the donation, mention in the "Note" box at the bottom of the form that it is for a prayer counseling with Mark. Let's get un-stuck, and all continue moving forward in Christ!

Mark Virkler's Experience

Dr. Virkler has worked in pastoral ministry for 45 years so he brings to the table extensive counseling experience. Mark and his wife have co-authored 50+ books, and are founders of Communion With God Ministries and Christian Leadership University. His passion is that you take steps toward wholeness, which he understands is a lifelong process. His books cover the areas of Christian spirituality, emotional healing, spiritual healing, physical healing, and walking in divine health.

More of his life story can be found here. To schedule counseling with Dr. Virkler, you may contact him directly at [email protected] or the office at 716-681-4896. 

Scheduling is subject to available time.


"My personal prayer phone counseling session with Mark Virkler was mind-blowing. Ungodly personal vows and beliefs surfaced that I truly was shocked to see. Mark was thorough and patient with me. Holy Spirit was very much present during our session. Holy Spirit and Mark helped me dig to new layers within my soul that had previously been hidden. Having Mark right there to nudge me and help me was invaluable. I had already spent considerable time on healing my soul these past few years, but, this took it to a new level. I wholeheartedly recommend Mark's counseling sessions. It's going to be one of the things that help me rise up higher in my daily walk with the Lord. I'm ready to break through into the bigger things God has for me. Thank You, Jesus! Thank you, Mark! This has been a wonderful opportunity for me."

Healed of 35 Years of PTSD Through Inner Healing and Deliverance Prayer

Bob Lucy Phone Prayer Counseling Is Also Available

Click here for a blog which details the process Bob uses with DID clients. It is extremely powerful and efficient. I highly recommend him.

Additional recommended counselors and resources are available here.

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