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A Seer Journals (1 Samuel 9:9) - Introducing Tara Dulin

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Do we have a special treat for you! I want to introduce you to our newest CWG Ministries blogger. Her name is Tara Dulin. I met her a few weeks ago at a large seminar on How to Hear God's Voice, with 400 people in attendance at Grace Center in Franklin, Tennessee. We had breakfast together with her and a friend and she shared some of her journaling with me, and I was immediately struck by the revelation that she was an amazing right brain seer and journaler.

The Wonder of a Seer Who Journals

Ok, so what is so amazing about a seer who journals? Well, Tara sees visions which are so much more distinct and detailed and clearer than mine. She sees into the spirit world clearly. I see into the spirit world dimly. Which is OK. Yes, I would like to see more clearly, and the more I practice, the clearer things become, but she begins with the natural ability to be a marathon runner in the realm of seeing in the spirit. I did not begin with that natural ability. That means when Tara and I are done training, she is going to outpace me as a seer.

Now that could cause one of two reactions within me. First I could whine and cry and tell God He is unfair to let some see so clearly and some not. And I have done my share of whining and crying and backsliding. Or I could do the better thing, which is to team up teachers and prophets as is suggested in the Bible.

 Now there were at Antioch, in the church that was there, prophets and teachers (Act 13:1 ).

So maybe rather than seeing Tara as one in competition with me and feeling mean and miserable because I cannot see all that she can see, maybe I could ask her to team up with me and share with me what she sees so I could be blessed by that. And that is exactly what I have done. 

I have asked Tara if she would be our right brain journaler, our "seer who journals," so we could see the world and the heavenlies through her eyes. She has graciously agreed, and now we have a new regular blogger on the CWG Ministries site who will bless us by sharing the world as she sees it.

She is obviously free to write and share about anything the Lord puts on her heart, and I know we will be blessed by what she shares.

The Bible says we come to maturity when the fivefold team is functioning together. Well, Tara is part of the fivefold team which will help bring the blogging on our website to maturity, and help bring you to maturity as you see through her eyes and receive the blessings she has for you. You are welcome to share comments to Tara's blogs, as you do with all other blogs. 

I have already written my questions and comments to Tara's first blog. My comments were:

You mention, "The glory cloud." I would love either a picture or a full description of what the glory cloud looks like, and anything you know about it. Is it always there? Sometimes there? Can you walk into it? Touch it? Move it? Or does it move with Jesus, and is it connected to Jesus? Or is it separate? What is it? What is in it? What is it composed of? Divine energy? Healing energy? What? And if you can provide both a description and a picture, that would be over the top. Thanks.

So go check out Tara's blog and her response to the questions above. Let's celebrate our newest CWG Ministries blogger as she joins our other anointed bloggers, Dale, Ben and Julie. Thank you, Tara!



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Needing assistance


My name is Esther and I'm dealing with some serious issues. My family and I are desperately needing help. In particular, I'm dealing with some supernatural situations that require a real seer. At this point, I've been to many people (leaders, evangelists, counselling, ect.) but there is still no direct word from the Lord. If ANYONE is listening believe that this is serious. I need help. Would you ask these seers a Word? My email is [email protected]

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Brain type and spiritual gifting

Hi Mark,

I would want clarification on who is a right brain and left brain personality? with respect to gift of prophecy and gift of teaching.

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Prophets were first called seers

So seeing is a right brain function - more what prophets are strong in. Analytical thinking and reason is a left brain function - more what teachers often use.
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Hi im anonymous I have always

Hi im anonymous
I have always seen visions from a very young age I am 14 now my visions have inhanced dramaticly, i sometimes can sense what others are thinking if i touch them i also have showed signs of other supernatral ablities such as telekinesis on a small level and pyrokinese what does this all this mean am i a seer and if so how do i excesise it during every day life.

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Your note Jan 12, 2015

dear anonymous:
I hope someone else has answered your email by now. How incredibly exciting that you realize that you have been given a special gift from God. I too had visions at a young age, but I had no one to help guide me in this area. Consequently, I abused my gifts and at one point denied them altogether. I pray that doesn't happen to you.
I suggest you study "How to Hear from God" and learn to differentiate between God's voice and other voices. Learn to walk in the flow of the spirit. Avoid all temptations to use your gift for personal gain, profit, or sinful endeavours. See Jesus each time you use your gift and make sure that you are doing everything to his glory. Find spiritual mentors that are much older than you who are have similar gifts (if possible) or who are spiritually very wise that can coach you in this area.
God bless you.

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okey friend its not that to see visions you have to be a seer but u are right to ask bse you want to know. am in the same situation as you only that am very well aware that my abilities are from christ, find out if that is from GOD or from the devil

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Gods Gifts

God gifts each of us at birth with certain gifts which can be developed as we walk through life. It appears God has gifted you to be a seer. The Bible is full of people who could see visions and hear revelation from Almighty God. We have a course which trains people up in these wonderful gifts. I would encourage you to pursue it. It is available here: Hundreds of thousands have gone through this course and found their spiritual giftedness has grown immensely.
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Seeing the world dead thru my seer eyes

hello my name is angela and im concerned about my seer gift i go to this church called divine deliverance and ever since the begining of the church i became save and got filled with the holy spirit at my apostols church and ever since i been filled i have been gotten attacked a lot and one time i got attacked i was in the spirit realm and it felt like something was drawing my spirit out my body then my spirit came bck into my body then i seen with my eyes these glasses floating i think God was showing me and a pair of shoes, but my thing is its been a year bout to go on two years becus of 2013 I have not been seeing the world the same like the world is blocked from my eyes when i went to sixflags with my sister i couldnt enjoy the atmosphere enjoy seeing the place because it seemed blocked from my eyes and darkened for me to see and im like wow i just want my eyes to go back to normal how they were before when i could see the world right how it was and not darkened and i asked my pastor she said to me God said that the enemy dont want me to see? What do it means the enemy dont want me to see, do he have control over my eyes? Can and will I see the world the same how I seen it before a year before? or will this contiune to be like this? have anything please tell ,me

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Hello angela...I would like

Hello angela...I would like to tell you that I just found out I am also a seer... Well first of all I can relate to you about seeing the world in a different way. The way the lord has been showing me lately is there is two sides. Good and bad.. And we as seers half to recognize both!! Which is sometimes difficult because we see things that are not so pretty. I believe with you is first of all your going to get attacked by the enemy anyways because if we are doing gods work it will happen. Second of all in this spirit realm you had. Maybe god showed you the glasses because you can see out of those and the shoes represent for you to wear them and walk . so with those two things. Seeing and walking are the two main things he is trying to show you. Just maybe he is trying to say that in the future you might encounter seeing or experiencing things with the enemy and he will give you the eyes to see and the well either the walk or the traveling to do so.. I'm not sure ..lts just a hunch.. Maybe you will be walking spiritually into the enemies path and he wants to use you in that area. I would definitely pray about it and just listen to what he says. I also can't see the world like I used to like you. I think we are supposed to see deeper then the world itself. Well I hope this gives you some comfort. Don't worry we are all going through it. ;-)

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Seeing the World Dead Thru My Seer Eyes

So, that was in 2012. How are you seeing the world now? I had the same experience.

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seeing the earthly world and the spiritual

HI angela first off i wanna let you know that going into/ seeing intothe spirit world is very dangerous even if you are extremely seasoned in doing so. Ok first of all with your third eye open it allows you to see the spiritual world and your eyes allow you to see the earthly world, what you are going to have to do is learn how to see both. Just like when you first get a bike just because you are able to get going doesnt mean you will know how to stop unless you learn .
I know it may be frightening to see the spirt world and or the earthly world but once you learn something you are not able to unlearn thats why it is so important to be wise about what you choose to learn. But eventually you will have control over your gift as long as you keep faith stay strong in your beliefs and dont let ANYTHING put fear or doubt in your heart and this i know from personal experienceGOD bless

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Thank you for the warm welcome!

Thank you for the warm welcome, and the glowing introduction, Mark! I am humbled. Truly. To God be the glory forever and ever! Mark, your teaching has literally changed my life, and my walk with my Savior. I cannot thank you enough for pressing in and paving the way for the rest of us. I am honored to have the privilege to partner with you and your ministry in this way. God bless you and yours richly! My Redeemer lives!

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so hello, i to have a gift of

so hello, i to have a gift of seeing....i was talking to a friend of mines just the other and in a flash,i saw a seeing this vision, the Lord said to me, you are a seer. now this is his 2nd time saying this to me. its been years in between when he spoke it to me the first time, then just the other day. i am open to be taught even the more, having more understanding

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Seeing abd Seers

Hi Tara and Mark,

Mark sir, your questions were very interesting. As many people don't share detailed things often. Tara if I may, I wanted to ask you a question about "seers". As a child about age 12-13 I tend to forget as I am much older now, but I started to see and hear my visions. They consist of both the good and the not expect that left a sour reaction towards the demonic. I still throughout the years see many things, and well, I really don't understand why I was shown these things starting as a child. What is a seer as to oppose a person who does not know if they are one. Would persons experience these things and not be a seer? Or is there other roles in a believers life that allows you to see and not have the title as seer? Who initiates the title? Does a person in the prophetic have to tell you? I never really had a chance to ask anyone. I see clearly sometimes and other times everthing can become transparent like (meaning that I can look through what I am seeing. Once I saw a cloud but it was not as you described. This one was between my kichen and the living room while my young adults and gran were there. I saw a outstretched blue cloud and in the center of it there was lke some type of bright but not so clear light if looked kind of firery but faintly to my eyes.
I remember thinking or saying to myself.."God:? but I did not want to mention to anyone there because I knew they would not get it. It was calm and peaceful I just never knew what that meant. What do these clouds mean and an outstretched one at that if you know?

What do I do with these experiences as I have been logging my dreams and visions since 1984? My heart thirst for God and I share them with my daughters and son. Are we to pray that the Lord will make things more clear for us to see? One of my last dream, I had Gordon Robinson teaching me how to receive visions (position) myself..and practice (my pastors wife was in the dream and she was cheering me on with her smile and in the dream Gordon said when you see let me know, I did and said, I saw, I saw and it was a blue square type object and I woke up.. This is the second time I received this instructions but with someone else where I was practicing with a sister in the Lord. Would these you think be instructions and I am just not moving in them? and how do you practice, I always thought God was the one who initiates these experiences but I am being told to practice. I seem to be able to do it as I dream but upon waking and praying over it I have not and I am back to square one wondering what do I do with all of this. Thanks for your Godly inisght. Also Mark, do you have a dream site where one posts dreams? Thanks for your time, this is such a blessing to read!

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Press in and Enjoy the Journey!

Hello, thank you for your question. I completely agree with Mark's response. If you haven't already done so, go though Mark's teachings! If you've gone through his course, “The 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice”, go through it again! I've gone through this course 3 times. Mark is an incredibly anointed teacher. It was his teaching that catapulted me into visions, dreams and revelation that I had greatly desired, but only occasionally experienced. I will share a few other thoughts in response to your questions. I believe many children are more sensitive to the Spirit realm than grown-ups. This does not necessarily mean they are Seers, but they are more open, probably because of their childlike faith and the fact that the reality of the Spirit realm has not been “socialized” out of them. My children have seen things I have not seen. As I child, I, too, saw things that others could not. The stuff I saw scared me. I had no grid for it. When I told my parents what I was seeing and that I was afraid, they told me there was nothing to be afraid because nothing was there. Although my parents meant well, this perspective left me vulnerable. I was still seeing stuff, and I had no clue what to do about it. It was petrifying. I remember squeezing my eyes closed tightly, “willing” what I was seeing to go away. As an adult, I now know that I was shutting down my gift because I didn't know what else to do. I don't fault my parents. They did the best they could with what they knew. They really didn't see what I saw. I really have not seen what my children have seen. But my husband nor I have told my children that what they are seeing is not real. Rather, we have given them tools. We have prayed with them, and we have lead them in “repeat after me” prayers. By doing so, we are teaching them they have authority to bind scary stuff and command it to leave in Jesus' name. We are equipping our children. The Lord called me a Seer in one or two of my encounters with Him. I submitted this, as I do all my journaling, to my spiritual advisers, per Mark's teaching. But I never shared it with anyone else. I knew I was gifted prophetically. Other people have seen a prophetic gifting over me for years. But “Seer” is not a title I would have ever given myself. The Holy Spirit showed Mark that – which was a huge confirmation to me. I believe someone in authority should see the call of Prophet or Seer on an individual, if the individual is called to be released into that Office. As Mark suggested, press into the Lord, take Mark's courses, let the Lord do the rest. That's what I did. I have seen all sorts of stuff in the Spirit, but I have never seen a blue cloud. My experiences are certainly not all-inclusive, however. Ask the Lord through two-way journaling (as taught in “The 4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice”), and He will speak to you about what you saw. Submit your dreams and visions to the Lord and your spiritual advisers. For most people, much of what the Lord gives you is for your own personal edification and exhortation. For those with a stronger prophetic gifting, He will show you when He gives you something to share with others. But I always keep what the Lord gives me submitted to the Lord, and my spiritual advisers, and wait for the Lord's leading. Spiritual gifts are developed as you exercise them, just as physical muscles are developed as you exercise them. Have fun pressing into the Lord, and enjoy the journey!

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Press in.....journey


Thank you, so much will look into the course. Please pray resources become available, as I believe. I too felt as you said, that as a child I felt different, always feeling the presence of God. I just had a love for Him and was previldeged (sp?) to hear the auidiable voice once. I want to be who God desires for me to be and acheive for His glory and Kingdom. I pray I don't fail him. I have experience all of the senses but taste. I also became scare when the enemy came around me, especially while I was studying the bible and I could hear the breathing and I would say, " your not gonnna stop me" and it would stop. In a dream, I was told by my dad, who represented the Lord, "you are to walk with the prophets for the rest of your life". I don't take titles seriously, with all respect, I don't look forward to them if you can understand and I am not being disrespectful, I just want more of HIM. I look forward to learning and being bless by the experiences shared here. They really encourage me and I feel at home here. Thank you so much Tara and Mark. Your service surely will be in His books.

Shalom! Elizabeth

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Gaining Skill

Right brain people tend toward being seers. Left brain people, tend toward being the teachers. You are born with a natural giftedness which you can cultivate and develop. Our course, "4 Keys to Hearing God's Voice" will help you cultivate rhema and vision. Our course on Dream Interpretation will help you gain an understanding on dreams. I encourage you to do these in a home group, so you can grow together with friends. That is always the best and fastest way to grow. And of course our standard requirement is to have three spiritual advisors, whom you are submitting things to. Also, how about a name to go with you posts, so I know whom I am responding to. Thanks.
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Gaining skills

Mark Sir,

Thank you so much for the response. My name is Elizabeth. I will go read on your course, although I may have to wait a while before being able to enroll but I am definately interested in cultivating what appears to continue since childhood to the present. I have been blessed today by your responses.

God bless, Elizabeth

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Hello Everyone,

I am a seer and I have had some visions and impressions that ar disturbing, This has prompted me to seek out other seers and join together if you are too seeing disturbing things.