Spirit Emotions Are Usually Born by Revelation - By Desiree Dunleavey

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Mark, I just wanted to share something that was very exciting for me. In Chapter 3 of your How to Walk by the Spirit workbook (and on the lesson CD), you spoke of how God taught you that emotions are by-products of pictures. Well, during the lesson, I understood what you were saying. I was listening, thinking about it, and nodding my head in agreement...but without realizing it, it wasn't really hitting my heart. I guess you could say, the revelation wasn't my own...at least not yet.

How I Received Personal Revelation

So, at the end of the chapter I sat down to do the journaling exercise and God showed me a beautiful picture. He showed me how each emotion, trait, etc. in me was woven together like a quilt knit with His own hands. He spoke to me about 'godly family traits' passed down to me by my Great Grandmother. He then reminded me of this, speaking of my Great Grandmother:

She was a Seer, was she not?

Yes, Lord. I have been jealous for that gift.

...Yes, you are called into her family tree…to see. Her nature was directly reflected in and by what she saw. It came to her by way of revelation. Spirit born emotions are usually born by revelation.

Like what they taught today in class!…but with different wording…emotions flow out of what we see...

Yes, and she saw ME. She saw angels. She saw the mighty, mighty working of prayer in her life and in the life of others. This led to certain traits of emotion being born and overriding the emotions in her soulish realm. She lived by the spirit in part due to the revelation she received and then developed in her spirit man.

Wow.  So truly, revelation of You leads me to stronger emotions in my spirit…

Yes, child. Every emotion that you have felt ‘proud’ about in the recent days and months…everything that you KNOW is a result of maturity in you, is directly related to SEEING, receiving new revelation. WALK in that revelation, child, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh in soulish emotions. You will see and hear and do if you follow what I show you, what I tell you, and what I’m doing. It will all be born of the spirit.

I was so excited when it hit me!!! This was exactly what you said in class but NOW, the revelation was my OWN! Thank You, Jesus! And thank you, Mr. Virkler, for sharing it, too!


Desiree Dunleavey

Note from Mark: The Lord has just re-emphasized to Patti and me that in order to live constantly in God's emotions of faith, hope and love, we need to constantly hold to the pictures and words He speaks into our hearts. If we let them go, we go back to negativity. So it is crucial that we live in His pictures and His words to us.