Micro-Business Sewing School Graduation

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It is Sunday and the 36 of us have been divided into several smaller groups. Each group went to two churches to lead various parts of the services. Some gave testimonies, some demonstrated the 5-step healing model we have been using, and some preached.

Mark Virkler Speaking at Sewing School Graduation

Picture above is Mark Virkler speaking at the Sewing School Graduation

I had the privilege of speaking in two different church services, so I taught the four keys to hearing God’s voice (of course!). For activation at the close I had each person see Jesus standing in front of them, with His hands on their shoulders, speaking a word of life over them. After a minute of silence, we let volunteers share what they saw and heard. They saw Jesus glowing in a white robe and they heard Him say many wonderful things over their lives. So, the four keys to hearing God’s voice work in India, with folks who are largely illiterate. God is good!

As team members taught the five steps to healing, they then asked for volunteers to come forward to pray for people who had pain in their bodies. As they prayed, we witnessed many healings. Even the children offered to come up and pray, and the results were amazing. The five steps are:

  1. Ask, "What do you need? or Where is there pain in your body?"
  2. Listen to any special instructions God may want to give about how to pray.
  3. Pray, and welcome the Holy Spirit’s presence and compassion to descend upon the client.
  4. Command the healing, speaking directly to the body and laying your hand on the spot.
  5. Have them test it out by doing something they could not do before.

If all pain did not go, then pray a second and, if necessary, a third time. If any pain still remains, then pray a blessing and ask God to continue to heal as they go.

After the two church services, we had lunch, and then rested for three hours. In the evening, we attended a graduation service of a 13-week women’s sewing school, which is one of the ministries directed by Pastor Vijay’s city church.

The Sewing School Graduation

Steve Stewart was speaking the heart of God over the widows and women-at-risk who graduated today from the sewing school (click here to see the photo on Facebook). 75% of these women were Hindus coming into the school and 6 had attempted suicide in desperation. Now all 22 are saved, healed and have a seamstress/tailor business as each one was given a sewing machine tonight as their gift for successfully completing this 13 week school.

They are now able to create sustainable incomes for themselves and their families because of learning to sew and receiving a free sewing machine. The cost is only $200 per person for the 13 week school, and that includes the free sewing machine they receive at the end of the school. The 20 participants for the next school are already funded through gifts from folks in developed nations. Isn't God good?

Vijay only has room for five women to sew at one time in the sewing room, so they are seeking funding for a building that will allow 50 students at a time in the sewing school. They have now completed their second school, with 22 graduates in the first school and 22 in the second for a total of 44 women. 43 of these graduates are already supporting themselves fully from their sewing business, and the final one is close to supporting herself, so this is an amazing success rate for helping people start home-based businesses.

The new sewing school building will be constructed out near the villages, as that is where the women are coming from (as opposed to being in the city). Many walk miles each day to get to the school. The new building will have housing for them to stay. Vijay told me today that they have an estimate for the construction cost of a building to seat 50 in a sewing class.

“For a simple construction with strong pillars and concrete roof it will cost 13,00,000 rupees ($26,000). The cost includes labor charges, material, iron, cement and plumbing works. This does not include electric works, it may cost another 80,000 rupees ($1600).”

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