Ministering Healing on the Streets!

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David Rocha, a Christian Leadership University graduate, brought our attention to Pete Cabrera Jr, a man that travels all over laying hands on people that need healing and they are healed. David actually contacted him to pray for his wife who was in pain with kidney stones and scheduled for surgery and the surgery was cancelled because of the healing. Praise God!

Below are a few of the amazing street healings you can watch, along with some teaching:

Many More Street Healings Are Posted on YouTube!

Pete's Facebook Page

  • Facebook:
  • Pete says, "If you would like for me to come out to your church or train your team or host a healing service please email me. I am very easy to work with. If you have not done this before it's ok we can figure it out together, amen. is a blog I started to spill my thoughts onto to teach others."
  • Lives in Great Bend, Kansas.
  • Born on April 21, 1973.

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