Angels: God's Servants, My Friends

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My daughter, Charity Kayembe, received so much wonderful feedback from her angel series. Thanks to everyone who emailed and commented on them. We were also asked to put all the posts together in order and in one place, so we've done that below.

While the initial series is over, she'll continue sharing more posts on angels in the future. We invite you to check out Charity's latest articles on Everyday Angels at her new website:

Everyday Angels (The Series)

  1)  Angels: God's Servants, My Friends
  2)  Angels: Guardians of Joy
  3)  Look-Alike Angels
  4)  Angel Diaries: Daniel 10
  5)  Lord of Angel Armies
  6)  Angels: My Personal Hegais
  7)  What an Angel Wants
  8)  What Angels Don't Have
  9)  Personal Angels - Our Match Made in Heaven
10)  Worshiping Angels (with video overview)

Angel Extras:

Seeing in the Spirit

Back to Eden: Restoring the Super to Our Natural