Teaming Up for Deliverance: A Prophet & Teacher Minister Together

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The audio recording below is an example of a prophet and a teacher teaming up to effectively and easily minister deliverance to a young man named Caleb. Jesus sent the disciples out in teams of two to minister, and Acts 13:1 specifically mentions prophets and teachers. So I believe that when I (as a teacher), team up and minister with a prophet, the ministry time is much more effective and quicker than when I try to minister alone.

Mark Virkler's Perspective as a Teacher

As a left-brain teacher I often feel handicapped when doing deliverance and other forms of spiritual prayer counseling, because even though I know the administrative steps I need to take the person through, if we get stuck somewhere and things are not working out as smoothly as I had hoped (or not working out at all), I wish I were a better seer so I could see what is going on and what needs to be done.

Well, this desire is fulfilled when I team up with a right-brain prophet or prophetess. I ask the prophet to be constantly looking to see what pictures and words and feelings are emerging within them, and then invite them to share what they are receiving. As they share the pictures they are receiving, I ask the Lord how to best implement that prophetic input into the ministry session. God shows me (by giving me anointed thoughts - thoughts guided by the flow of the Holy Spirit), and I share these with the prayer counselee and guide them in taking the appropriate next step of action. This causes us to move forward toward a successful conclusion.

My passion is that you learn to join with someone having the opposite gifting that you have, and together the two of you minister a fullness of God's grace to others by honoring the giftedness in each.

Below is an actual audio recording of this dynamic of a prophet and a teacher teaming up to cast out demons. Uta and I ministered together to pray deliverance for Caleb in a recent Prayers That Heal the Heart conference. Listen to this amazing ministry time as Caleb gets freed of more than a dozen demons, and read below Uta's story of what is going on inside her as the ministry time unfolds. Caleb has graciously given us permission to share his testimony with you.

One thing I do when commanding the demons to come out is to do a “barometer check” every couple of minutes and find out what the client is feeling or sensing. I normally expect them to feel the demon leave, unless they are a left-brain person who is not very aware of inner sensations. In that case, I will not press them by insisting they need to “feel” something.

In the case of Caleb, you will note when I asked him if he felt anything, his answer was “no,” so I checked with Uta and she was able to discern when the demon left. When demons left, she would sense/feel spiritual authority building up in Caleb and faith exuding from him in the area which we had been commanding demons to leave. Uta could sense that Caleb had taken dominion internally over that space where the demon had been residing. So, for my “barometer check,” I began looking to Uta after commanding the demons to leave and seeing if she gave me a visual confirmation (i.e. affirmative nod) that the demons were gone. Once I received that from Uta, I would move on and pray for the Holy Spirit to fill the area within Caleb that the demon(s) had just vacated.

At the conclusion of the deliverance session, I did ask Caleb again if he felt any different. He said “yes,” which was a great confirmation to all of us that demons had left and he was changed internally. Even though he may not have been able to sense the individual demons leave, at the close of the session, he could tell that a burden had been lifted and new freedom and faith had arisen within him.

Audio Recording of a Deliverance Session 

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Uta Milewski's Perspective as a Prophet

I have facilitated Prayers That Heal the Heart at Love Joy Church and I know that the Lord regularly gives me visual cues as to what He wants to do. So when Mark asked for a right-brain seer, I raised my hand. Our counselee was Caleb who brought his workbook, and Mark asked me to look at the list of demons and put them into two or three clusters.

As soon as I looked at the list, hopelessness stuck out to me and I felt we needed to tackle that first. I circled two other terms that relate to hopelessness: condemnation and failure. Then I circled anger, pride, resentment, rejection and unforgiveness into one cluster and fear, lust, rebellion, insecurity and guilt into another. I asked Caleb to prioritize the clusters and we numbered them from most intense (1) to least intense (3). I was glad hopelessness fell into cluster 3 because the plan is to start with the least intense one.

Cluster 3

  • I quietly began to pray in tongues to get the flow going while Mark led Caleb in renouncing each of the demons in the first cluster.
  • The visual clue I saw for this cluster was a balloon in a bottle. The demonic entity had expanded inside to a size greater than the entry point. I shared this with Mark and he commanded the demons of hopelessness, fear, failure and doubt to shrink and come out.
  • When checking with Caleb what was happening, he wasn’t quite sure he should let go of failure because we need to be realistic. Mark injected a bit of humor and sarcasm and eventually got Caleb to renounce failure.
  • When Caleb set his will (or heart) against the demons, I had a strong physical twitch. This usually happens to me when we’re heading in the right spiritual direction in intercession. So I encouraged Caleb in prayer to go with it.

Cluster 2

  • We began dealing with the next cluster: fear, lust, rebellion, insecurity and guilt. Again, while Mark led Caleb in renouncing the demons, I prayed in tongues. When I felt the anointing and power of God I stood up and laid my hand on Caleb’s shoulder. I immediately saw a sword cutting through roots and had a strong twitch. When Mark checked with me, I told him about the sword and he and Caleb prayed into that. Again, I sensed a strong anointing and authority when Caleb set his heart against the demons.
  • Next I saw a high wall. I understood this to be the godly protective stronghold of Caleb’s life. The demons had invaded his space and he needed to boost them over the wall. Mark prayed into this and Caleb set his heart to kick the demons over the wall. At that point it got to be fun.

Cluster 1

  • When we got to the last cluster, Mark said he wanted to divide them further into two sub- clusters.
  • We separated out resentment, rejection and unforgiveness and called them cluster 1b. We dealt with them first.
  • Last we tackled cluster 1a: anger, pride and violence. I asked Caleb if he had a fear of pride. He considered that a possibility so we added it in. Mark had Caleb renounce each one. At one point he used the word “command” and when Caleb spoke that word, I had a strong twitch and saw him as a mighty man of valor. When Mark checked with me I spoke a prophetic word over Caleb that God had given him a powerful ministry and that He would command demons to flee and angels to come. That he would use anger and violence not in a carnal way but in the Spirit. Mark prayed into that with the Scripture that the violent take the Kingdom by force.

Summary: I was so grateful for Mark’s leadership in this demonstration. He took what I saw and used it to move the process forward. He was like a pilot and I was the navigator. He was in charge of the session, he had the final destination in view, but he needed my input how to navigate most effectively. That was very fulfilling to me because I didn’t have to be at all concerned about staying on track. I just had to say what I saw and Mark progressed the session forward to its conclusion.  

Uta Milewski - Executive Assistant & Finance Manager - Love Joy Church

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