Let's Be About Our Father's Business Together Today

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I ask: “Where are You Lord? I love You. I miss You. I long to be with You.”

My Lord responds: “And I long to be with you, Tara.”

I heard His voice. I wait for His touch. I sense His presence. My spirit responds. I look for Him. I watch. I ask: “Open the eyes of my heart, Lord. I want to see You.”

He is before me. I see Him coming closer and closer. He is smiling. Oh how I love Him. He makes my heart sing. I want to run to Him. His arms open wide. I run into them. We embrace. We laugh. He spins me around. He puts me on my feet but my head rests on His chest. I hear His heartbeat. His heartbeat speaks to my spirit. His heartbeat recalibrates mine. I start to sink into Him. He is pulling me into Him. Spirit to spirit. I want everything He has for me. Although I almost prefer to “feel” His embrace than be “in Him,” I allow Him to pull me into Him. Suddenly I am in Him fully. Everything feels different and looks different. I turn around. I see His form around me. He reaches into Himself and lifts me up. He is taller than me. But when He lifts me up, I see out of His eyes. He holds me. I am fully in Him. And He is embracing me too. He knew my heart's desire. He knew I longed for His embrace. He loves me that much. I smile. He smiles. I wrap my arms around His. And breathe in His aroma. I lean into Him and allow Him to embrace every part of me. I am returning to perfect peace in His presence. I am in Him. I AM in Him. I am able to be who He created me to be when I am in Him.

My Lord speaks: “We are one, Tara.”

“Yes, Lord. I long to be one with You all the time. Not just in my encounters with You. Teach me. How do I stay in this place? How do I stay in You?”

My Lord speaks: “You were created to abide in Me.”

“Yes, Lord. You. Intimacy with You is what I was created for.”

I am in Him. He is holding me up. When I look out, I see through His eyes. He is showing me different things. I have supernatural vision now. Everything looks different.

I ask: “What do You want to show me today, Lord? What do You want me to see?”

My Lord speaks: “I want you to see how I love. I want you to see others as I see them.”

“Yes, Lord. Teach me to see through Your eyes always.”

I look to and fro. I am seeing in the spirit before us. There are no people before us, but I “see” people before us. He is showing me people in the spirit. I see a group of people. My gaze – through my Lord's eyes – lands on them. He begins to speak to me about them. I hear their conversation and He is whispering in my ear as I hear their conversation. He is “interpreting” for me, if you will. He is speaking to me of the areas where He wants to bring correction and adjustment to thinking and mindsets. He is pointing out to me where He wants to bring healing.

“That's really cool, Lord. I know You've gifted me prophetically and You show me things in the spirit and use that to speak through me to others to lead them into deeper inner healing.”

My Lord speaks: “Yes, all that is true. I am increasing your discernment. As you look into Me and through My eyes, you will see and hear as I see and hear. I am releasing you into a new level. I show you things that you can agree with Me and speak My words and My life into the situation. With one word, I created light: 'Let there be LIGHT.' In your mouth is the same authority. As an example, for _____ , you would declare: 'Let there be FREEDOM FROM CONTROL,' as you pray for her. As you see and hear in the spirit, I am giving you greater discernment to agree with what I am doing and to then speak My heart with My authority. To release My Kingdom into the situation. Let's be about our Father's business together today.”

I respond: “Yes, Lord. That is my heart. I know I need to speak over myself first. I know there is the power of life and death in the tongue. I choose life. I choose to release the Kingdom of God, I choose to speak life over my family, my marriage, my children, my business, my day. Let there be no striving. Only being one with Jesus. There shall be no stress. Only peace in Jesus. Let there be only love in my heart and in my home. I declare that only the unending, transformative love of the Father will flow into and out of me today. I will remain one with my Lord. I will abide in Him. I will remain in Him today. I will receive everything I need from Him. I will see through His eyes. I will speak His words, His truth, His life all day into every situation, into every person's life with whom I speak. If I remain in Him, anything is possible. I love You, Lord. Hold me tight.”

I feel His embrace tighten around me. I breathe Him in. I allow His presence to minister to me. I feel His touch. My spirit responds to His presence. My spirit quickens. My heart responds. I am in love with my Savior. I lean into Him. He is still holding me up in His embrace. My feet are off the ground. He is carrying me. We begin to move. I don't know where He is taking me. I don't care. I am in Him and that's all that matters. His cheek is pressed against mine. I feel His heartbeat. I hear His heartbeat. He is alive. I smell His aroma. He is beautiful. I am in Him. There is no place in the world I'd rather be. I choose to stay in His embrace. I choose to see through His eyes. I choose to speak only His life, His love and His truth. I choose to homeschool my children from this place today. I choose to care for and love my family from this place today. I choose to grow my business from this place today. This is my reality. Anything is possible.


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Thanks for sharing Tara! this

Thanks for sharing Tara! this is amazing! i wana have an encounter like that with God

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Let's Be About Our Father's Business Together Today

How vivid and beautiful. What you shared engulfed me as if I were there sharing that experience. Thank you. During this extremely difficult time in my life I needed to be reminded about the intimate peace and quality time alone with Him. I must still be about His business allowing Him to use me as He sees fit (even though I don't feel fit). Thank you

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re: Being in our Father's business

Dear Tara, I had been told that I was a Seer by a woman who I was told had they gift of prophesying! I had fought many battles, spiritual and physical! I also started seeing visions as if I traveled to places the visions where! However I have hadPlease in the Name of a the Lord, Blessed Be His Name, do you know why I have this blockage! May the Lord Bless you! Thank You Father, The Eternal One!
troubles hearing the Lord lately
audibly & recognizing whether I felt something thorough the mind or the spirit! Sometimes I just knew that I knew! I seem to be blocked on every levels lately with the exception of seeing numbers like 111, 333 444 or 1111 222. Do not know whether from God or Evil or hypnotising man & woman