Would You Want to Try Christian Care Rather than ObamaCare?

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If you are like us and do not want to participate in the new national health insurance programs being rolled out, because they will be funding abortions and have other policies you may not be in agreement with, we have found an alternative that is going to work for us. It is Christian Care Ministry. It has been approved by the government as an alternative to the new national health insurance, so you will not suffer a fine if you select Christian Care Ministry over ObamaCare. It includes medical bill sharing, disability support, prayer and encouragement, and health coaching.

We decided to go with a very large deductible ($10,000) since we utilize spiritual disciplines for health care and a hospital or allopathic medicine is our last resort after we have done everything we and our naturopath know to do. Obviously for trauma care, we would utilize a hospital. 

If you have pre-existing conditions, you will need to call and talk to Christian Care Ministry about these conditions and how and when they would become covered. 

For younger people who are healthy and choose a $10,000 deductible, the monthly payments are small compared to the new health insurance programs. For example, a young family of 5 who qualifies for the Health Incentive can pay as little as $132 per month.

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Christian Healthcare Sharing

I’ve used Samaritan Ministries for my healthcare needs for the past 12 years. This has been a tremendous, uplifting experience to share in the health needs of fellow believers, and also be on the receiving end of encouragement and prayer.

They have an annual $300 deductible per year, per whole family; not every individual. I pay $230 a month as a single-parent home. I’ve never received less than 80% reimbursements on all the medical needs I’ve submitted, and have received 100% reimbursement a lot of the time.

They will also publish medical, vision and dental needs that are not covered by the program as special needs, and people/other members have the opportunity to give $20 towards your need, (I pay this extra share each month) so you could get reimbursed for non-covered medical needs, and pre-existing conditions as well.

In December, I’ll publish my first special need, ($4,700.00 of non-covered dental expenses) for my daughter and I. I’ll let you know what God provides.

For more information visit: www.samaritanministries.org

Thanks for your work and ministry,


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Christian Care Ministry compared to Samaritan Ministries

Thank you for your comment, Chris.

Yes. For some people, this may be better. They don't have as strict of health requirements for enrollment. However, they don't have the various deductible options and health incentive discount, so everyone pays the same (higher) price. People like my family who will very likely never or rarely share medical bills (since we don't plan on using Western medicine to maintain our health), end up paying more because the monthly cost is about 250% of what we are paying at Christian Care Ministry (Medi-Share) with the health incentive.

However, people who regularly use medical services could end up ahead with Samaritan, since anything over $300 is share-able.

Also, Medi-share can automatically draft from your bank account each month and give it to the person in need, whereas Samaritan Ministries requires you to send payments directly to other members each month. Depending on how you look at it, either of these can be highly preferred. Personally, this feature of Medi-share is a great time-saving benefit to me.

Thanks again for helping us share this information with the Body of Christ.

God bless,
Josh Virkler

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christian care

do they have a website? is it expensive?

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Click on the blue hyperlink in the blog. It will take you to their website.