Supernatural Missions in Uganda - Jacob Witmer

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The following excerpts are from an outstanding 25-page Practicum Report on his Uganda missions work, which has been submitted by Jacob Witmer to Christian Leadership University toward his Master of Divinity degree. The course title is "EVA315 Cultural Studies."

Divine Healing: One particular morning I was leading the service and God interrupted what I was planning to preach by giving me words of knowledge. Because of being trained at Global Awakening's School of Supernatural Ministry I felt comfortable to first do sovereign healings then pray for the sick. I remember just surrendering to God's sovereignty and letting the Spirit flow. Many people got healed that day.

I was told that there are three ways someone will get healed in Uganda: the medical doctor, the witch doctor or the pastor. Many of these people had been to a witch doctor so it was time for a demonstration of the Spirit. The people can go to a witch doctor describing what their sickness is, but the pastor through the word of knowledge can tell them their sickness and heal them on the spot.

It was a clear Elijah and prophets of Baal moment. Where will you go to, to get healed? I praise God that through the power of the Holy Spirit many received their healing and felt the presence of God. Many felt the heat of the Lord, others felt His electricity. As for me, I felt the grace to keep on praying till midafternoon! Afterwards I did not feel tired, but energized. The Lord was showing me how to minister through His Sovereignty and not become tired…

Journaling: Father, we ask that just as Tirhakah took his place as king, God that you would be raising up others in that same region of the world who would be royalty. Who would be seated with Christ on His throne, and that they would no longer be orphans, but sons of the king who keep your commands and discover the knowledge (epignosis) of God.

Yes, son, it is my will to rise up many sons and daughters for royalty. Even as the soil of Uganda is rich in minerals, so I have a harvest there rich for you. For the soil of your own land has been diluted and tainted with chemicals, manmade agendas. And the soil of this land has been diluted by its injustice and power struggle. Yet I have a harvest there for you says the LORD.

The entire 25 page report is available here for free downloading.

Jacob Witmer may be contacted at [email protected]

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