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Wonderful Counsel from God by Journaling about a Dream

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The following dream is from Jennifer Manganaro. As she journals, God's revelation and encouragement pours into your heart. I encourage you to journal about your dreams, letting God speak to you and interpret them.

Jennifer's Dream

I am alone at a construction site. It's silent - no one is there working, nothing is actually being built. There's just this big square hole that's been dug for the foundation, but there's no concrete or anything. Just dirt. I can walk into this hole because there are dirt ramps leading to the bottom, so I start walking into this dark hole. As I walk, I see dirtied, bloodied bandages in random piles along the path. I am afraid because I don't know where they came from and there is no sign of anyone - I do not want to meet whoever (or whatever) has left these behind. When I walk out of the hole, I see a person on the opposite side of the square. I am so relieved to see another human being, I don't care who it is. Strangely enough, I think it's [the actor] David Spade, playing the role of 'short, annoying, sarcastic guy' and he's being really obnoxious, but again, I've been spooked by the quiet and the bandages, so I walk with him. Then, a very large, tall man storms up to us - I don't know who it is, but I can tell he's angry and there's a darkness to him. He approaches and grabs David Spade by the collar and puts his face really close to his. "You did this to me," he growls, and holds his arm out to show his wounds. I look away, as I realize this is the owner of the bandages and I really, really don't want to see the holes in his arm.

Mark Virkler’s instructions to Jennifer as to how to process her dream

Jennifer, please tune to flow and journal out the answers to the following questions.

  • So where is there construction going on in your life that is largely unfinished?
  • And you feel very alone in this work…
  • And there appears to be danger and bloodshed…
  • Who is David Spade (chief character trait)? I suspect he is a part of you.
  • Who is the tall, thin, angry wounded part? I wonder if it is a demon in your life that you have attacked and destroyed. (Ideas: Male = masculine trait; thin = starved out; wounded – crushing him)

Jennifer’s journaling and revelation concerning the dream

Area of construction largely unfinished = There has been a major "shift in power" in my life after receiving some healing. My head/mind has been leading my heart for a long time. The entire foundation of my life has been changing. This is new territory that often feels empty, as I'm afraid of doing things the "wrong way," an area that I am afraid to explore because I don't know what will happen. I have believed false aspects of God's character for so long, it's difficult to overcome the fear that He won't show up, that He's forgotten about me, that these "building plans" will fall through the cracks. This is not a safe or comforting place to be.

David Spade = what my mind has become. Rather than my mind being renewed and falling under the heart's leading, my mind is a petty tyrant, small-minded and bossy. But this is a familiar figure; hence, I stay with it even though I can recognize its hurtful short-comings.

The angry man = my wounded heart. The wounded, angry man is finally confronting the one who has caused the wounds. There is pain and anger - I think these are causing the darkness I sensed. Perhaps the masculinity of this figure speaks to the power that is within due to the Holy Spirit, but the vessel is so hurt, the dominance has been weakened. The discarded bandages speak to the beginning of healing, but it's shrugged off, the heart being forced to be "ok" before it is.

Here is what I journaled after He began to reveal the dream:

"My dear child, I know you are wounded, that you are in pain from what you have inflicted on yourself. Railing at your small-mindedness, the pettiness, will not heal your heart. Only I can. You must renew your mind and allow me to bind these wounds and LET THEM HEAL. Stop trying to force recovery. Embrace the brokenness and bask in the rest only I can give.

You must forgive yourself. I know you don't want to, that you think carrying these bleeding gashes is punishment you deserve. You have to let go, release the mistakes of the tyrant so that I may come in and embrace you.

The ground is ready for the foundation. Let Me build a structure that will not be moved. You will not be shaken, for I will build the house; the labor will not be in vain. For I AM your fortress, your strong tower. You will run to Me and be saved."

I am humbled and overwhelmed by His great love and His gentleness. Thank you for your guidance - the question about what is "under construction" in my life triggered the flow. Thank you so much.

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Jennifer's dream

Oh my god. Thank you for sharing this..i was dumbfounded at where we start and then where guidance can take us in our dream life. The trigger of mark's q was Holy Ghost led and broke the code... I love it ..lord help me with my dreams as well PLESE.