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Will You Help Restore America?

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What Is the Future of America?

I believe all of us are alarmed at the degradation that is happening to our nation. I believe God wants us to be positive influencers for change at this crucial hour. I know God has spoken to me about making a difference and being a leader, not only spiritually but also politically.

Restoring America Spiritually

So how can I be a leader politically? One way is to provide some clear teaching and thinking on God and government and our Constitution. So with that in mind we have several blogs we are offering you.

One blog is by me, and it is entitled Spiritual Intimacy - God’s Idea, God’s Passion, God’s Reformation. Please read it now if you have not already done so.

John Adams stated that “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

I agree fully with John Adams -- the U.S. cannot survive if we do not have a moral and religious people. The best way I know to create a moral people is to teach them how to hear God's voice. I need your help in doing that. I am asking you to help promote this blog by sending it out to your friends, and encouraging as many as possible to create a movement by hosting home groups which go through the 10 weeks of training on How to hear God’s Voice. I believe this is our best hope for ushering in a revival to our nation.

Restoring a Knowledge of Our Nation's Most Basic Document - The Constitution

In addition to spiritual renewal, we need people to become re-acquainted with our Constitution. It is an extremely short document upon which our entire nation is governed. However, today, because of ignorance of what it actually says, it is being violated over and over again. We all need to become knowledgable about this concise document and what it says, so we can communicate truth concerning the national issues of our day. We currently have the longest lasting Constitutional republic in the history of the world. Let’s ensure it continues!!!

So we have several things which will help you in getting re-acquainted with our Constitution. Juli Iles is a CLU student who has taken our courses on American Government and she is blogging passionately about key elements of the Constitution as it relates to today’s issues. She not only has her own website but has volunteered to write regular blogs on our CWG website as a service to all of us. These become bite size pieces of information helping us understand the issues before us, and take right action. Here are her first couple of blogs on the CWG website:

I encourage you to read them both, and become an devoted reader of Juli’s blogs, so that your knowledge of our Constitution grows. Juli has lots of excellent links from her website. One of these is a link to “Constitution Facts.” There, you can take a simple 10 question quiz and receive a score on your current knowledge of our Constitution. This way you can discover how informed you are, and perhaps discover how much you may need to learn about this foundational document of our nation. They will also send you a free copy of the Constitution upon your request. They also give you an opportunity to take a 50 question expanded quiz on the Constitution, if you have the courage! Go ahead. Take the quizzes, order one or more of the Constitutions, and let’s share this information with our friends. 

Become Knowledgeable So You Can Make a Difference

I suggest that it is time we all gain a better understanding of our nation and our Constitution, so we recommend the following college courses, which will be accepted by CLU:

GOV100:  American Government for Today I (3 credits) This course highlights the amazing ways God intervened in the establishing of the United States of America.  The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the U.S. Congress on July 4, 1776 and declared that “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” This document became our nation’s “Mission Statement” and precipitated the revolutionary war, in which the U.S. became free from England.

GOV200: American Government for Today II (4 credits) This course explains the Constitution, clause by clause, and the first 27 amendments in a down-to-earth, clear fashion. You will understand what it says and what it means. You will be able to apply this understanding to the current events facing our nation and you will become a knowledgeable citizen who can explain these constitutional issues to others. You will help preserve the Constitution, which many have died to create and protect.  

Order these courses from American Heritage Today, or contact Mrs. Brenda MacMenamin.

If You Want a Coach Instead of the Full College Course...

If you prefer not to get college credit, but just receive the learning, then the above two courses are available with Juli as your personal coach, and the cost is less than taking it as a college course.

This coaching service can be ordered from American Heritage Today, or contact Mrs. Juli Iles.

Become a Citizen Who Helps Restore America!