Speaking Your Journaling Back to the Lord as Your Personal, Present-Tense Reality

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In working as a Personal Spiritual Trainer Coach with individuals, I get to read and affirm their journaling. Following is a dialogue I recently had with Patricia, a lady I am coaching as she begins two-way journaling.

Patricia, This is great journaling. Here is what I suggest. Turn the statements into positive, present-tense, confessions, just as David did in the Psalms. For example:

  • Your Journaling: Quietly let Me lead you through this day. Never fret but always trust.
  • Your Confession: My Lord quietly leads me through this day. My trust is in the Lord.

Here is a blog which expands this understanding of writing a message on the walls of your heart by using the “language of the heart”. A few excerpts from the blog are below.

The language of the heart incorporates the following seven elements1) It begins with the voice of the Holy Spirit, which is embraced as we choose to 2) affirm it as a 3) personal and 4) present-tense reality. In addition, the heart's language is 5) visual, 6) emotional and 7) utilizes biblical meditation to frame in our spirits the things God desires to birth in our lives.

You can read through the Psalms to see how often David prays using 1) affirmative statements which are 2) personal and 3) present tense. A few examples from Psalms chapter 3 will get you started:

  • You, O LORD, are a shield about me (Ps. 3:3)
  • The LORD sustains me (Ps. 3:5)
  • You have smitten all my enemies (Ps. 3:7)

Patricia responds to my suggestion

That's a great idea. Thank you. Just let me make sure I understand. So is what you are saying that after I journal in flow, that I turn what the Lord says to me into positive, present tense decrees? 

What a beautiful way to become closer to the Lord: in such a personal way. Very uplifting advice. Thank you again. I look forward to implementing it into my daily journaling. Awesome!

Patricia’s journaling from today…

Good morning Jesus, please speak to me regarding this day. What would you want to say to me?

Today is a day of My training. Quietly let Me lead you through this day. Never fret but always trust -  trust Me to always bring you back to Me. All is in My hands. I will navigate this day. 

Let them be but always be found in Me - the cares of this world I will catch up to and put in their proper place. You cannot fall behind with Me. Hold on to Me and let them go. They are a hindrance to My calling. It is in Me that you have substance. I am eternity.

I see your heart, child. Let it not wane from Me. My love I give to you freely. Be not discouraged but joy in My presence. Stay connected to Me - I will strengthen you.

Jesus, please help me to stay on course with You today. Show me what to do - have Your way with me today. Guide me.

 Yes, My child, I am here and will show you the way and the things you must suffer. But it is in dying to self that you live and find your life in Me. Be not afraid. But only believe My joy to keep you full and overflowing. 

Shhh - Quiet yourself in My presence. I am here for you.

Patricia’s personal, present tense affirmation of today’s journaling is below

You will also decree a thing, and it will be established for you. (Job 22:28)
  • Today my Lord is training me.
  • My Lord quietly leads me through this day.
  • My trust is in my Lord.
  • My Lord always brings me back to Him.
  • My Lord holds everything in His hands; and He is navigating my day today.
  • I am always found in my Lord.
  • My Lord catches up with everything that needs to be done;
  • And He puts all matters in their proper place.
  • I never fall behind with my Lord. 
  • I hold on to my Lord always and I release all my needs to Him.
  • My Lord guides me perfectly into His calling.
  • My substance is in the Lord; for He is my eternity!
  • My Lord sees my heart and I am strong in Him.
  • My Lord gives me His love freely and I joy in His presence.
  • I am always connected to my Lord and He strengthens me.
  • My Lord shows me the way that I should go today.
  • I find my life in my Lord and Savior!
  • I believe and my Lord's joy becomes my joy;
  • And I am full and overflowing with joy today!
  • I quiet myself in my Lord's presence; for He is here for me this day.


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