Step into His River & The Oil of Intimacy in 2013

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I quiet myself: “I am here, Lord Jesus. I am here. I look for You. I wait for You. I long to see You and hear You. Where are You, Lord. My heart and soul wait for You.”

I sense Jesus is before me. I sense His presence. He is warm. My spirit responds. I see him in a cloud. His nose touches mine. I look into His eyes. He smiles. I smile. He downloads to me everything I need for the day in an instant. He is all I need. When I look to Him and receive, I lack no good thing. As I continue to look to Him. I feel His glory cloud embrace me. It is His presence. He is still before me. I reach my arms out and receive. I breath Him in. He is my everything.

I ask: “What is it you want to speak to me about today, Lord?”

My eyes are fixed on Him. I hear Him whisper: “Do you hear My voice?”

Yes, Lord, I hear You.”

You hear Me because you have quieted yourself down. You have quieted your mind and your thoughts and you have learned to listen. I am training your senses. I speak all the time but many do not hear Me. They do not listen. Thank you for listening. My desire is to fellowship with you and enjoy sweet communion and relationship with My people. But they are not listening.”

I am sorry, Lord. That must grieve Your heart.”

It does. They desire what I have to give, but they do not desire Me.”

My heart feels heavy.

Forgive us, Lord. Forgive us for going our own way.”

I do. My love covers a multitude of sin. Nothing is beyond My reach. But it is time. I am calling My Bride to enjoy greater intimacy that she may know more. That she would prepare herself for My return.”

Yes, Lord.”

I sensed you wanted to speak to me about 2013. What else do you want to tell me about this year? What are you calling us to?”

I am calling My Body to a higher place. A new place in Me. They have desired it but they are not coming to Me, yielding to Me, surrendering to Me and allowing Me to have My way. My people want to know what I am doing for them. If My Bride would come to Me, I would whisper sweet nothings in her ear. I would unfold mysteries to her. I would transform her with My love.”

The Lord begins to speak to His Bride: “I love you with an everlasting love. But you don't trust Me. You want to do things your way. Therefore, I cannot do things My way. I love you enough to never give up in My pursuit of you. Resolve to come to Me. Resolve to lay down your rights to yourself. Resolve to surrender and yield to Me. Resolve to trust Me. Resolve to desire nothing above Me. What do you desire above Me? Money? A breakthrough? Desire Me. Come to Me. Allow Me to have My way and all the rest will be added to you. I will meet all your needs according to My riches and My glory. But it starts with My love. It starts with allowing Me to transform your heart. I know your heart. Do you know Mine? Do you hear My voice and know My love for you? I have a future and a hope for you. But it involves Me. Intimacy with Me. Out of our intimacy, everything else is born. All the supernatural things you desire to see and experience are born out of our intimacy and love. When a man and a woman come together in love and intimacy as husband and wife in the physical sense, children are conceived. I bring forth new life. I cannot bring forth new life to the degree that I desire to do so in My Bride until she comes to Me, until our intimacy grows.

Out of our love, you will be transformed. I love you enough. Come to Me. Lay down your rights to your life. Give your life to Me and watch and see what I will do with you, for you and through you. Stop striving. Come to Me. Stop crying out. Come to Me. I am right before you, and I always have been. Come. Come into Me. Step out of your comfort zone and step into Me. When you step into Me, you step into all I have for you. Come. Will you come?”

I step into the Lord. As a prophetic act, I take a step forward into Him and into His glory cloud as act of prophetic intercession for the Bride. I stand in gap for the Bride.

Come. Come. Come to the One who loves you. Come. Come. Come to the One who loves you,” resonates in my spirit again.

As I step into Him, my spirit is alive. His glory cloud swirls around me. In His presence, His glory pulls off everything that is not of Him. All the cares of this world are gone in an instant. When I am in Him, He divinely washes me.

This is Me washing you with My Word, My Truth. My presence is Me. I am the Word made flesh. I am the Word. My presence is the Word, the Truth. In Me, you are washed and transformed. When you step into Me, I wash you, I break things off. I loose you into understanding My heart. When you are in Me, all other things can fall away that you are freed up to be who I created you to be. Striving to have Godly character does not result in reflecting My image. It is I who does the work. Not you. Come to Me. Step into Me. Receive of Me. Receive My truth. Allow My truth and My words to wash over you. I pursue you with My love. Will you stop and listen? Will you hear My voice? Will you receive My love? Will you allow Me to have My way?”

I hear a rushing water. It sounds like a waterfall. I think it is the River – His Holy Spirit. But I sense the Lord speaking to me about the oil of intimacy.

Am I hearing the River? Or the oil of intimacy, Lord?”

You are hearing My River. But I am releasing the oil of intimacy over My Bride. The oil of intimacy is in the River. It is in My Holy Spirit.”

Oil and water don't mix, right, Lord. So what does this mean?”

This means that My Holy Spirit is carrying the oil of intimacy to release it over My Bride. Step into My River, and My Holy Spirit will anoint you with the oil of intimacy, that You may know a more intimate relationship with Me. That you may hear My voice. Allow My oil to bathe you and wash over you in My River. The oil of intimacy is a healing balm that binds up wounds and broken hearts. Nothing is too hard for Me. Nothing is impossible for Me. Come to Me and let Me have My way that I may heal you, transform you, build you up and release you to be who I created you to be – My perfect bride without spot or wrinkle.”

I feel a warmth – a liquid warmth like hot oil – dripping over me. It seeps into my skin. My skin soaks it up. I feel warm inside. My heart leaps. I hear the rushing water of the River. I see the Lord's glory surrounding me. I see His face before me in His glory cloud. Our eyes are locked. He is still smiling. I reach out to Him and pull Him into me. I am in Him. He is in me. I am utterly and completely in love with my Savior. I am hidden in Him. I put Him on. I am ready for my day.

Come to Him. He loves you this much too.



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Thank you Tara

This post made me cry. I sensed the Lord speaking to me through it, especially since I have problems trusting, surrendering & believing. I have allowed the enemy to use me as a punching bag to make me feel unworthy and ashamed. I even had prayer ministry this weekend for help to release the negative words spoken over me & for my heart to be open to know how much God loves me. I know this was originally posted around the 8th, but it wasn't until today when I read it. So given the circumstances, I appreciated it more.
Thanks for this beautiful post,

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Response to "Thank you Tara"

Thank you for sharing, Tiffany. Jesus is the answer. Go to Him. He will comfort you. Forgive those who have trespassed against you. They know not what they did. Forgive them. Release them. Bless them. And you will set yourself free from unforgiveness. He will minister to you. Step into Him and all He has for you. He is safe. He will minister this truth to you as you go to Him, and as you learn to remain in His presence. His grace is sufficient. God bless you with His everything.

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Thank you, Tara, for sharing

Thank you, Tara, for sharing of your precious time with our Lord and opening our eyes to all Jesus has for us to receive and step into.

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Response to "Thank you, Tara, for sharing"

My pleasure. Enjoy the journey into the depths of His love.

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I am blessed through your blog

Thankyou Tara for showing me what I too can have with
The Lord. An intimacy that surpasses all understanding.
I no longer walk alone in this world without my husband
but enjoy a fellowship with Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit
that is so pure and glorious and peaceful that I no longer
need to strive or work or cry out to Him for help and guidance but
I hear Him so easily now with an unimaginable joy and peace.
To God be the glory for ever and ever.

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Reply to "I am blessed through your blog"

Amen. Thank you, Jesus! Enjoy your journey into the "much more" He has for you. The Kingdom of God be released over your life. This is just the beginning. Deep calls unto deep. May nothing separate you from Him. You were created for oneness with Him. 

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I love this

This complete tara pray for me because I desire such intimacy with him.